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非想天則 (Romanized: "Hisoutensoku", Meaning: "Lacking Perception of Natural Laws" or "Lacking Perception of the Rule of Heaven") is the eponymous character of the Tasofro fighting game Touhou Hisoutensoku. At the beginning, its existence was only known by the Goddess Suwako and her assisting Kappa. The commotion caused by Hisoutensoku wandering around Gensokyo creates the setting for Touhou Hisoutensoku.

Initially sighted roaming around the Misty Lake, a giant shape is spotted by a number of characters before mysteriously vanishing.

Excitedly floating back and forth along the banks of the Misty Lake, the ice fairy Cirno believes it to be a mythical giant youkai named だいだらぼっち (Romanized: "Daidarabotchi"). If that's true, Cirno thinks, and if she can "tame" it, then she won't ever have to fear anything again, ever!

The shrine maiden Sanae isn't sure what to think of the giant shape she sees moving in the distance. The best she can come up with is that it might be a giant robot, like those she's seen in anime or manga, and sets off towards the lake to investigate.

Hisoutensoku in the OST Cover

Hong Meiling, Chief of Security and Gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, sees the giant shape from the roof of the manor and anxiously wonders if the tales she'd heard about a God of Cataclysm from the mainland, "Taisui Xingjun", might be coming true. Meiling realizes that if it is indeed Taisui Xingjun, then Gensokyo will soon be attacked by countless minions of the wrathful deity, bringing with them all manner of catastrophes and natural disasters. Determined to spread the alarm, Meiling rushes into the library to warn Lady Patchouli.

The inspiration of Hisoutensoku is Gakutensoku (学天則, lit. learning from natural law), said to be the first robot made in Asia. The replica is this. The design of Hisoutensoku, which can be seen in Cirno's Ending, resembles that of Gakutensoku at many points: Both of them are big, robotic humanoids, are made for a happy purpose, move pneumatically (the former by compressed air, the latter by steam), smile in their own way, and grip something in their hands. The last point of similarity might be especially important. Gakutensoku held Reikantou (Light of Inspiration, 霊感灯) in his left hand and a quill resembling a kabura ya in his right hand. Hisoutensoku holds a morning star similar to Reikantou. This tells us that Gakutensoku uses a weapon effectively or thinks through writing, while Hisoutensoku only grasps it for ornamentation or never thinks through it. Additionally, some of the symbols written on Gakutensoku's pedestal coincide with some Touhou characters: The sun is at the center, which indicates a yatagarasu as the core, and a frog and snake are on the right side on it. The yatagarasu probably originally pointed to Tennou, and the frog and snake were there as typical animals. From the Touhou perspective, however, the setting of Hisoutensoku takes it to mean that Utsuho activates it and Suwako and Kanako empower her.

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