This page is a repository of several quotes worth remembering throughout the Touhou series. Feel free to add any you find fit.

Highly Responsive to Prayers


"Eh, whatever. If I use this Yin-Yang orb well enough, it'll all work out, right?"

Story of Eastern Wonderland



"Train? That's fine and well, but it's time for a good long nap."
"Whaaat, a human? She's getting such a beatdown!"
"Uhhh... Do we have to fight? 'Cause I'd rather not."
"I did it! ...huh? Uh-oh... she's not moving. Oh well, time for the burial rites..."


"Oh, who cares about some cheap, middle-of-nowhere shrine."
"Ugh!!... This level... already... Impossible... Uwaaaaahhh!!"


"So, just be a good girl and blow up, thank you."
"Just die. And if you won't die, just go away!!"


Rika- "I am not a "suspicious character"!! All of the monsters in this place were created by me!!"
Reimu- "... And that's not suspicious to you?!"

Meira- "Stupid girl!! It's not YOU I want!! Just your POWER!!"
Genjii- "..."
Reimu- "My power? I don't get it."
Meira- "I'm a woman, damn it!! What is wrong with you?!"
Reimu- "So~o, if I win... well, let's just say that certain conditions will have to be met..."

Reimu- "Je~ez, that was sca~ry!"
Genjii- "M'lady, please don't speak in that odd tone again."

Rika- "It's been a while."
Reimu- "From the first level...?"
Rika- "You remember, then?"
Reimu- "Small Fry."
Rika- "I'm a boss!!"

Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream


Marisa (has some crazy laughs in this game)

"Ufu, ufu, ufufufufufufufu-"
"Uhu, uhu, uhuhuhuhuhuhuhu~"
"Ahahahahahaha (sweatdrop)"


"You will die."


"I want to take you home and make you my guinea pig, and learn all the secrets of your power and make it mine!!"
"Oh, a real shrine maiden? How wonderful."
"Oh, an evil spirit? Wonderful!"
"Oh, a real magician? How wonderful!"
"Oh, a real witch? How wonderful."
"I don't know what you are, but you were pretty amazing too."


Chiyuri- "Do as I say, if you value your life."
Mima- "No. ♥"
Chiyuri- "......... (sweatdrop)"

Reimu- "Whatever, I won't lose! Let's go!
Yumemi- "Just a minute. I need to change into something more suitable for battle."
Reimu- "You have no dramatic sense at all~"
Yumemi- "Okay, let's proceed."
Chiyuri- "All you did was add a cape..."

Lotus Land Story



"...Huh? Was I off? Guessing isn't gonna work after all (sweat)."


"If it's going to bring me a boring life, I'd rather die!"


"I'll bang, shoot, and pop your head off!"


Orange- Who, now?"
Reimu- "I was looking for youkai."
Orange- "And?"
Reimu- "Obliteration."

Elly- "I'm the guardian here, Elly."
Reimu- And?
Elly- Yes?
Reimu- "We're going to fight right?"
Elly- "W-well, yes (sweat)"

Yuka- "In a few hours, you'll become a mist of atoms ♥"
Reimu- "Eeeh!?"
Yuka- "And,"
Reimu- "And?"
Yuka- "I thought it'd be neat if that actually happened ♥."
Reimu- "Hey!!"

Reimu- "There's no way you're getting away from me!! I'll chase you all the way to hell!!"
Yuka- "I'm not from hell!!"
Reimu- "W-whatever, you're not getting away!!"

Marisa- "Farewell, Reimu. I pray for your happiness in the next world.
Reimu- "Don't just kill me off (angry)"
Marisa- "Whoops ♥"

Marisa- "I caught up!"
Yuka- "Oh? And who might you be?"
Marisa- "We just met!!"
Yuka- "Just kidding ♥ And?"
Marisa- "Don't "And?" me!!"

Mugetu- "Who might you be?"
Marisa- "Good question, who might I be?"
Mugetu- "... (angry)"

Mystic Square



"I just don't think about losing."
"If I'm fighting you with parlor tricks, then you'll have no excuse for losing, will you?"


"Do you regret fighting me?"
"Hm, you were just as strong as you said. Which isn't strong enough."
"Ah~ I don't usually remember every single face of the small fries I encounter. ♥"


"Hm, something smells weak~"
"Genocide is just another game. It doesn't matter if it's humans or Makai residents."
"It doesn't matter if you're a god, power is everything!"


"Using so much magic doesn't make you any cooler, you know!!"


Sara- "Are you ignoring me?"
Reimu- "No way~, I just have to beat you up is all♪"

Yuki- "Do you think you can actually defeat both of us?"
Mai- "・・・・・・・・・・・・"
Reimu- "I wonder how someone could really lose♪"

Shinki- "I was already aware that you would be coming."
Reimu- "I think I was just flying all over the place without a goal, though...(sweat)"

Shinki- "A shrine maiden is nothing more than a dog of the gods."
Reimu- "Er, well (sweat)"

Shinki- "What is your purpose here?"
Marisa- "I dunno, sightseeing? (sweat)"
Shinki- "You've been a little too violent for me to believe that."

Mima- "You're in my way."
Sara- "I'm no pushover♪"
Mima- "Yes you are♪"
Sara- "You'll regret that!!"

Luize- "You don't look human..."
Mima- "I am! ♥ (lies)"

Yuki- "I'll lead you to a place where you can rest forever ♥"
Mima- "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I just came from that world ..."
Mai- "... !? I see, well, then ..."
Yuki- "?"
Mima- "You see, that means I'll be the one to lead you there ..."

Yumeko- "I'll cleanse you of your sins."
Mima- "I don't know, I just might commit a few more here..."

Yuka- "Well, whatever shall I do? This is first contact."
Luize- "Am I an alien ... ?"

Alice- "It's been a while."
Reimu- "Have I met you before?"
Alice- "I've come here just so I can beat you!"
Reimu- "I appreciate the effort."

Alice- "I have a magic book containing the ultimate witchcraft techniques."
Marisa- "Ooh, I want that."
Alice- "I could never allow humans like you to use this sort of magic."
Marisa- "Oh? Well, I wouldn't mind just looking..."

Alice- "It's been a long time."
Yuka- "A long time indeed. ♥ What brings you here?"
Alice- "? I have come here especially in order to defeat you!"
Yuka- "By the way, who are you?"
Alice- "(Angry) (Ignores)"

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil



"Have you heard the saying,"Good medicine tastes bad"
"Well, you wouldn't know if it's good medicine or not  unless you drank it for yourself."


"Do any creatures outside of humans even have 10 fingers? "
"I'm really tasty."
"Oh, me? Lessee, I'm Reimu Hakurei. Shrine maiden."
"(Maybe I shoulda said nurse?)"
"Unfortunately, I'm pretty good at dodging."


"Oh, is that so..."
"Are you the kind of person I can eat?"


"When you lose your way, you can blame the fairies."
"I'll cryo-freeze you together with some English beef!"


"I'm a normal person who just guards."
"I heard shrine maidens are the ones you're allowed to eat."


"You, clothed in red and white! Don't cause problems in my study."
"I don't have time for this~ The little sister, and now you - What kind of day is this?!"


"Come back two hours earlier."
"Your time is mine..."
"I've got to at least make you waste a bomb before the mistress gets mad at me~"


"The moon tonight is red. You will know death."


"I've never seen humans as anything else but a drink."


Meiling- "Stop following me already~"
Reimu- "Thanks for leading the way~"

Meiling- "...I've heard that shrine maidens make for good eating..."
Reimu- "Don't spread rumors like that!"

Patchouli- "The books here are worth all the donations your shrine has received over the past five years."
Reimu- "My shrine rarely has any visitors during the year."
Patchouli- "Oh. Then they're not worth much."

Rumia-"Isn't this something like 'The saint was crucified on the cross'?"
Marisa-"Looks more to me like 'Man uses the decimal system.'"

Marisa- "Whoa, so many books. I'll just borrow some later."
Patchouli- "Don't take any books, please."
Marisa- "I'm gonna take 'em."
Patchouli- "Let's see, 'How to passively defeat the person in black in front of you ...'"
Marisa- "(That actually written in there?)"

Sakuya- "Oh my, magicians are actually more in need of mercy."
Marisa- "Have mercy."

Marisa- It's so hot, I'm gonna die here.
Reimu- If you die, I'll feed your corpse to the birds.
Remilia- My, it'd be fine if you'd let me take care of that.
Marisa- That's a definite no.

Flandre- "I've been in the basement. For about 495 years."
Marisa- "That's sweet, I only get weekends off."

Remilia- "Looks like it's going to be a fun night."
Reimu- "Looks like it's going to be a long night."

Marisa- "One coin? You can't buy a life with that."
Flandre- "I meant you can't use a continue!"

Perfect Cherry Blossom



"Hold on, if you sleep in this cold I'll kill you."
"That was a pointless encounter with a pointless person."
"I killed some lively and exciting guys on my way up here..."


"If you can only sleep in warm weather, then you're like us and the Asebi flowers."


"Silly shrine maiden, your two-colored powers are a mere twenty-eight-point-five-seven-one-four percent as powerful as mine!"


"Unwanted noise like you should be drowned out."


"Well then, let's start the performance! Sisters, get ready!"


"Being here in this place is equal to being dead."


"I am leagues different from Chen. Leagues, columns, digits, and colors."


"Here, in Hakugyokurou where we stand,

the border between youkai and humans wears thin.

You came this far, and were able to cross over from the human side."


Reimu- "By the way, I hear that Mayohiga's items give you good fortune if you take them home..."
Chen- "Yeah, that's true."
Reimu- "Then let the plundering begin!"
Chen- "Uh... what? This is our home. Get out of here now!"
Reimu- "So what happened to "You can't leave once you wander in"?"

Reimu- "Hey, I have business here. I'm not going home yet."
Lunasa- "Nobody's telling you to go home."

Reimu- "You're quite a talkative ghost."
Youmu- "I'm half non-ghost, you know!"
Reimu- "That's what needed correction?"

Youmu- "Are you even listening to me? I'm going to cut you down here, and you'll meet your end."
Reimu- "If I die in the land of the dead, would I be sent to the land of the dead again?"
Youmu- "I'll send you to hell!"

Yuyuko- "You like the flowers, do you? We do have a few empty places at the party..."
Reimu- "Oh, really? Well then, let's go have a look."
Yuyuko- "You still are not invited, dear."

Reimu- "Just what is the Saigyou Ayakashi?"
Yuyuko- "Our youkai cherry tree. We still don't have enough spring to break the seal on its blossom."
Reimu- "Well, if it's been intentionally sealed up, It's probably better not to mess with it, right? Besides, we don't know what's sealed in it."
Yuyuko- "How can you say that after breaching through our barrier?"

Chen- "Wanderer, to have arrived at this place, you must surely have lost your way?"
Marisa- "I never had a way."

Alice- "Do you find this brutal evening likable?"
Marisa- "It isn't bad."
Alice- "Then surely you are a magician of the untamed fields."
Marisa- "As opposed to a magician from a greenhouse?"

Marisa- "So who are you?"
Lyrica- "It doesn't matter, does it?"
Marisa- "Yeah, I guess it doesn't."

Marisa- (after defeating the Prismrivers) "So are you gonna tell me how to open the gate?"
Prismrivers- "We don't, we just fly over it..."
Marisa- "Oh."

Marisa- "Are you listening to me?"
Yuyuko- "I am. You're saying that when you die, you want to die beneath a cherry tree?"
Marisa- "Not... exactly, no."

Yuyuko- "Are you smelling with your eyes?"
Marisa- "Not exactly. Damn, this is a boring way to start spring."
Yuyuko- "You are rude. The spring that you feel here is none other than the spring of your Gensokyo."
Marisa- "That's rude. What kind of person can smell with their eyes?"
Yuyuko- "You're lagging behind in the conversation."

Alice- "Why don't you worry about yourself if you have time to worry about others?"
Sakuya- "Oh yes, I'm worried about myself now."
Alice- "So, for what reason do you worry? About yourself."
Sakuya- "Because I'm carrying only three changes of clothes. For myself."
Alice- "Ah, good reason."
Sakuya- "That, and a spare set of knives too."
Alice- "Ah, I... KNIVES?"

Prismriver Sisters- Dog meat, dog meat!
Sakuya- Human meat!

Merlin- "And who is that?"
Lunasa- "An ascending air current."
Lyrica- "Our natural enemy!!"

Imperishable Night



"Okay, okay, I give up.
You're right. The endless night, stealing the full moon,
Hiding the human village, and putting hats on stone statues,
It's all Alice's fault.
Now, bitch, get out of the way!"

"Move and I'll shoot!!
I messed up.
I mean, shoot and I'll move. In a flash."


"Okay, so I take that back. Youkai must still be crushed by humans.
It is my destiny. I will continue to crush Youkai."


"You're too late."
"I've sealed all the doors. You can't take the princess away now, can you?"


"My god, jelly donuts are so scary."


Wriggle- "Hey, hey, hey. You've got some guts, not being bugged in the slightest. I hope you've got the determination to match that!"
Reimu- "Was that a pun?"

Marisa- "So, these are full-moon-beams... I can't see them, but I can feel them."
Alice- "Ordinary people would go insane in less than five seconds. Are you okay, Marisa?"
Marisa- "Yeah, I'm insane to begin with."

Yuyuko- "Hold on for a moment. A small bone got stuck in my throat..."
Youmu- "Wait, didn't you just say you didn't like sparrows?"
Yuyuko- "Youmu, it's not good to be so fussy."
(Despite being eaten by a ghost, Mystia returns in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.)

Sakuya - "See, bookworms can be useful. The mansion doesn't need any more of them, though."
Remilia - "Our mansion's bookworm really is a bookworm, so she's hardly useful at all..."

Sakuya- "Ah, it's an illusion. I wonder if that absurdly long corridor was also an illusion."
Remilia- "It seems like an illusion. With such a long corridor, any cleaning mop wouldn't stand a chance."
Sakuya - "Well, I guess you'd need a wet rag, not a mop. It would give you a backache, though."
Eirin - "What a pointless thing to worry about. It's an illusion. An illusion."

Phantasmagoria of Flower View



"Froggy, froggy~ he's forgotten spring and is still sleeping, sleeping."
"When I cool a frog it sleeps and doesn't wake it. Really fun."
"Your destination is in ice."
"Freeze to death! Freeze to death!"
"Look! Freezing falling cherry blossoms is cool!"
"I learned something. Above the clouds, ice tends to stick to me, so I should try to avoid coming here."
"I'm the strongest!"
"Yeah. I'm the best."


"A professional doesn't choose their songs."


(to Tewi) "Mind if I take a rabbit's foot with me? As a good luck charm."
"That's not the problem! If I leave this alone, it'll look like I'm slacking off!"
"Ah, geez, if I don't get this over with soon I'll look like I'm slacking off."


"Now then, time for a news story!"
"Hmm. I would've been better off taking pictures secretly..."
"Oh dear me, I've accidentally won. And I thought I've held back enough too... Well this isn't any fun."


"You must be happy. You can die surrounded by poison."

Tewi Inaba

"For a fairy, it's not a problem if they can't go back, right? How about getting as lost as you want to?"


"Er, um, I'll just pretend I didn't see that."
"I won't show mercy if you're going to interrupt my laid-back work."
"If you're going to commit suicide then I'll kill you."
"Now then, back to work, I'll get in trouble if I play around too much."


"Are you slacking off!? Komachi!"
"Sigh. When I first saw Komachi, she seemed like a more diligent person."
"It looks like I still need to lecture you much more."


Reimu- "Normally, if I just randomly go and fight, the culprit will show themselves in no time!"
Marisa- "That's not something to brag about, though."

Komachi- "I usually don't let living humans pass but... If they pay the fee, then they're good to go."
Reimu- "I said I'm not crossing. And I don't have any money either."
Komachi- "If you do it now it's 10% off."

Sikieiki- "If I were in charge of judging you, you have sinned."
Reimu- "How rude! Exterminating youkai is my job, it can't be helped."

Marisa- "Ah, a lucky item! How lucky."
Tewi- "I'm not an item ... oh,

Sakuya- "But you have not a single clue on the culprit or cause, right? It's pointless to just wander around like that."
Marisa- "And why are you doing the same?"
Sakuya- "Because I can't find a lead on the culprit or cause."

Marisa- "You've mistaken me for someone else."
Aya- "There was a picture. The newspaper it was in has already been published."
Marisa- "Secretly taking pictures huh... that's one bad hobby."

Komachi- "The only humans who come to Muenzuka are ones that want to die."
Marisa- "Who's the one that wants to die!?"
Komachi- "Now, now, there are still plenty of enjoyable things in this world. It's ten years too early to say you're dying."
Marisa- "I don't plan on dying ten years later either."

Marisa- "Gehgeh, are you saying that in every single flower is a dead human? I accidentally picked some earlier. In bulk."
Sikieiki- "Bulk murderers, then."
Marisa- "It's fine, they can rest in peace this way."

Sikieiki- "If I was the one in charge of judging you, ripping out your tongue would be your sentence."
Marisa- "Is that it? Maybe I should've prepared a spare tongue?"
Sikieiki- "Your second tongue will also be ripped out."

Sakuya- "Tomorrow's dish is fried chicken."
Mystia- "Tonight's dish is a human maid!"

Komachi- "Higanbana? That's silly. There's no way higanbana would be blooming now..."
Sakuya- "It's an outbreak. Try actually looking around yourself."
Komachi- "Eeh? What's going on? Higanbana are blooming, and purple cherry blossoms too... Huh? Could this be!?"

Sakuya- "Don't you think this flower outbreak needs your attention?"
Sikieiki- "Of course, I understand. But that's part of the business I'm in."
Sakuya- "(A business involving blooming flowers, is this person a florist?)"

Aya- "I'm making a close-up report on you, since you seem to be doing something interesting."
Youmu- "Making a close-up report... Does that mean to follow me from behind without permission?"
Aya- "If I told you, you might've stopped doing something interesting. So I quietly stuck on you."

Reisen- "I see, well then, I'll be on my way..."
Sikieiki- "Ufufu, hold on a second. I want to say something to you."
Reisen- "Aah. Of course the Yama would..."
Sikieiki- "What is it? Are you saying that I'll be lecturing to no end?"

Youmu- "Sorry to frighten you."
Cirno- "I'm going to beat you for that."

Reimu- "Ah, idiot sighted. Are you planning to do something bad?"
Cirno- "Of course!"

Cirno- "I ripped a flower or two into pieces!"
Reisen- "Anyone can rip up a flower or two."

Cirno- "You're so loud in the morning."
Lyrica- "But I haven't even started my performance yet."
Cirno- "You're loud enough just by being here, and now you're saying you'll perform?!"

Sikieiki- "Almost to the degree of rareness, the poltergeists appear here."
Lyrica- "Plural again~ Get it through, I'm alone today."
Sikieiki- "Oh, then what are the two behind you?"
Lunasa- "Ah? You're not supposed to say that~"
Merlin- "After managing to hide this much too..."
Lyrica- "Huh!? When did you two end up behind me!?"
Lunasa- "We were watching you from the beginning."
Merlin- "You looked like you were doing something interesting, so we did it in secret."
Sikieiki- "There, three noisy spirits. You're going to perform live in this cemetery, aren't you."
Lyrica- "What the heck~ If you were going to follow me then tell me from the beginning!"
Lunasa- "We were going to come out if it got dangerous."
Merlin- "Yes, yes. Like right now."
Lyrica- "Right now?"

Sakuya- "With this much poison, I could make delicious tea."
Medicine- "Delicious tea. You're a strange human."
Sakuya- "Oh, I'm not the one who's going to drink it."

Mountain of Faith



"I could recite all the digits of pi before I got there!"


"Gah, a human!?"




Reimu- "Huh? I smell something tasty..."
Minoriko- "Even though you're a shrine maiden, you want to eat a god? How ridiculous! What insolence!"
Reimu- "Who said I was going to eat you? But is that delicious smell coming from you?"

Hina- "I was just trying to be nice and chase you away..."
Reimu- "Chasing me away really isn't that nice."

Sanae- "This is the Moriya shrine, A long-forgotten shrine of the past. It was moved into Gensokyo together with the lake you see here."
Reimu- "You moved the shrine and the whole lake? That's pretty flashy."

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody



(Win against Sakuya) "Pisses me off that only the shrine collapsed. It'd be great if your place collapsed too."
(Win against Reisen) "Tonight is rabbit stew!"


(Win against herself) "I'm winning 101 matches out of 100 in image training!"
(Win against Komachi) "How about have the kappa make you a motor boat? It'd make your job fun."


(Win against Alice) "Your dolls are filled with gunpowder? That's hardcore."


(Win against Sakuya) "My underlings are more disciplined than yours."


(Win against Marisa) "Drizzle that humidifies the air is the book's worst enemy. I imagine they get moldy in your house too."


(Win against Aya) "Is it really okay for a newspaper reporter to interfere with their photo subjects like that?"


(Win against Marisa) "Go away, you rainmaker."
(Win against Tenshi) "So what if the ground shakes a little? I'll be fine once I'm under a table!"


(Win against Marisa) "The forest will never return to its original state once it dies. Cherish the rain!"
(Win against Youmu) "Ah, you finished clearing the snow in the manor?"
(Win against herself) "Fantastic Ninja Art, Clone Technique~"
(Win against Reisen) "Animals that eat nothing but bamboo grass... No way."


(Win against Alice) "I've picked up an amazing toy dog recently. Though it looks weird, its moves were quite real.
(Win against Iku) "They say that oarfish can grow to be over 18 meters long. You're pretty tiny."


(Win against Marisa) "Are you collecting junk? Want me to help? I'm a real junk collector."
(Win against Remilia) "Aren't your moves way too flashy? I could probably block you in my sleep."
(Win against Yukari) "Hm, I was wondering when you'd be on the move."


(Win against Aya) "I heard there is modern weaponry being developed in the mountains. So ridiculous!"
(Win against Tenshi) "Peaches? Hmmm, it`s nostalgic."


(Win against Tenshi) "I'm dying to know just how bad the fabled poor cuisine of Heaven is."
(Win against someone) "Extra~ Extra~ Nothing big happened, but it's still an extra!"


(Win against Sakuya) "From cooking to washing, cleaning to battling, you're quite hard working."


Yuyuko- "Oh, aren't you... "
Iku- "Yes, I'm the messenger from the dragon palace."
Yuyuko- "...famously grilled in soy-sauce, or just grilled plain..."
Iku- "Most certainly not."

Subterranean Animism



"Aah! The cat turned into a cat!"


"It's not like I mind beating her, but ... It's kind of hard to have a conversation that way."
"What's the power of the sun? Photosynthesis? Sunburn?"


"She didn't spill a drop of her sake."


"Now, sleep with this trauma that will leave you sleepless!"


Satori- "It seems you're here to fight. But it doesn't look like you have a reason for it."
Reimu- "Oh, you catch on pretty quickly. I definitely don't have a good reason."
Satori- "... ... now you're trying to think of one. ... ... evil spirits, oni? Hot springs? Burglary!?"

Satori- "'Before that, let's search the house....' you think. I won't allow that. Please head to the courtyard immediately."
Marisa- "Damn."

Marisa- "Whew... This is so hot. So hot I could die!"
Alice - "(Are the dolls okay?)"
Marisa- "Yeah, but it's so hot I wouldn't be surprised if they burned up."
Alice- "(I think the dolls themselves will be fine, but it would be bad if the gunpowder inside caught fire.)"
Marisa- "Why the hell did you stuff gunpowder in 'em?!"

Yuugi- "What's wrong? Are you trying to figure out who I am?"
Marisa- "Hey! You got it, you're pretty good. That's it, now just tell me your weak point, please."

Marisa - "Like I said, I'm Marisa, the Great Sage!"
Koishi - "Are you the doll-using thief that they said visited our house?"
Marisa - "Wha- !!"
Alice - "Tee hee."

Koishi- "Oh, don't worry. If you just tell people you're friends with the people at the Palace, I'm sure most of the youkai will avoid you."
Nitori- "(... ... wow, everybody hates them.)"

Undefined Fantastic Object



"Why am I getting lectured by a cursed umbrella!? Fine, I'll beat you while I chase it, okay?"


"Oh! So this is youkai hunting! ... ... This is kind of fun."




"I-I can't believe I lost to such an unidentifiable human!"
"Now, human! Boil me! Bake me alive! Do anything you wish! Oh, but please, just don't seal me underground again."


Kogasa- "*sob sob* Just what are we youkai, anyway?"
Reimu- "Maybe you're luxury items?"

Reimu- "Just fall out of the sky, you stupid umbrella youkai."
Kogasa- "Oh humans are so cruel."
Reimu- "Hey, you looked like you wanted me to beat you. Hmm, what do they call that?"
Kogasa- "I dunno, Sadism?"

Touhou Hisoutensoku



(Win against Meiling) "You're always trying to close in on me. Are you trying to burn yourself to death?"
(Win against Cirno) "Wait, what? You didn't get blasted to smithereens. Was the output too low...?"
(Win against Reimu or Sanae) "Hey, it's a shrine maiden. I can't tell you shrine maidens apart from one another."


(Win against Youmu) "It's so fun just to imagine what that large marshmallow-looking thing of yours tastes like."


(Win against Patchouli) "Your surrounding are full of unnatural naturalness"

Fairy Wars



"Come out! Sunlight fairy, or whatever your name is!"
"So, what was I doing, again...?"

Ten Desires



"If you wanna shoot the leader, shoot his horse first! Get ready for this!"

"Oh yeah, I'm graverobbing! I mean, inspecting the ruins! Academic business and all!
The gathering of divine spirits interests me. In an academic sense."


"Oof, the stench of death is strong on you."


"Goooood morning!
You always gotta give a greeting!"


"Dooon't come any closeeer!"
"Divine spirits? What're those? Are they nutritious?"
"NOOOOOooooo! I'm dyiiiiing!"
"Make sure to wake me up tonight at ten."


"Yes, isn't rotting the cutest?"


"What a magnificent human. I could learn a thing or two from you.
But then again, I wonder if there are any humans whom I couldn't learn from..."

"Just try to defeat me!
I shall become as a living legend!"


(Defeated) "This is animal abuse, plain and simple!"
"Yes, what? Are you going to catch and cook me?"


Reimu- "Alright, then, gonna have to beat the leader of the ghosts!"
Yuyuko- "Oh, do we have visitors? Hold on a moment, I'm still preparing tea."
Reimu- "Oh, you shouldn't have."

Kyouko- "Even if you defeat me, it doesn't do anything for you..."
Reimu- "Well, you're a youkai. First priority is exterminating you."

Miko- "I am sure that next, you will say something like - "
Reimu- "Whoa, whoa, hold on a second! Would you let me talk?! I mean, I came all this way! "

Marisa- "What are you trying to protect?"
Yoshika- "Um... something..."
Marisa- "You're a terrible conversationalist. Brain rot, I suppose?"

Seiga- What a sight. You aren't just an ordinary human, are you?
Marisa- Yeah, I'm an ordinary magician.
Seiga- Oh, there's no need for modesty. One of the living holding their own against me is truly remarkable.
Marisa- Alright, I give. I'm a very ordinary magician.

Miko- I am Toyosatomimi no Miko. People call me Shoutoku.
Sanae- Shoutoku?! The one from the old 10,000-yen bill?!
Miko- "(How "old" would that be?)"

Reimu- "You already showed me your ten transformations, didn't you?"
Mamizou- "A-one, a-two, a-three..."
Mamizou- "Oh my, I really did? I thought we were still 'round about seven or eight..."

Reimu- "The ocean?"
Mamizou- "Yes, what of it? Don't you know of the ocean?"
Reimu- "Well, I think I've seen it once, but that was in the moon".

Mamizou- "Are you insulting me still? What's your name, anyway?!"
Marisa- "Reimu Hakurei!"

Mamizou- "What might you be? The Hakurei maiden?"
Sanae- "Incorrect, and please don't associate me with her."

Hopeless Masquerade



"I get so excited with this many spectators. It just makes me want to be all like pow! and wham!"


(Win against Ichirin) "This monk sure is weak; even her robes are weak."
(Win against Byakuren) "Everyone stinks o' incense around you. Boring."
(Win against Futo) "You oughta fix up that old accent o' yours. Try talkin' more modern-like."


(Win against Nitori) "If you enter our temple, you can survive only on cucumbers."
(Win against Kokoro) "Don't the masks become stinky?"


(Win against Mamizou) "That kettle of yours, could I borrow it? Forever?"


(Win against Byakuren) "The nuns of old shaved their heads, you know?"


(Win against Ichirin) "Is the gentleman over there not going to say anything?"
(Win against Futo) "The prices for those plates aren't a funny matter."


(Win against Marisa) "Do you need a new broom? It's the same price as it was 30 years ago."


(Win against Marisa) "Shall we exchange your hat with mine?"
(Win against Miko) "Why are you covering your ears? You feel cold?"
(Win against herself) "You've been a bad person♪"
(Win against Mamizou) "Tanuki and kitsune don't go well together, do they? Which one tastes better?"


(Win against Miko) "The sword you carry is a decoration? Somehow it smells like it could make a lot of money."
(Win against Kokoro) "Oh, you even have a tanuki mask. Wonder what emotion is it? "The face when making immoral scams" ...I see.


(Win against Futo) "Hey, hey. This is the face for pretending to be a plate spinner~" (surprised mask).
(Win against Mamizou) "Hey, hey. This is the face for pretending to be a tanuki~" (fox mask).

Double Dealing Character



(to Kagerou) "Great, now the purification rod smells like animal..."


(defeated Wakasagihime) "Sashimi...tempura...Nah, that's not it."
"She was just a half-fish after all. No big deal. Wouldn't she be stronger if she were all fish?"
"Now, then... The punishment for bad girls is death."
(to Kagerou) "Hmm, probably. That glossy hair does look pretty flammable."


"It seems peace in Gensokyo is like the Tower of Babel upon sand."
"I felt like cutting something, such as a neck..."
"Yes, if you behave yourself, no one will hurt you... Except for the shrine maiden."
"I will show no mercy to those who want to plunge Gensokyo into chaos."


"Eek, my cuticles!"


"It's always been my dream to fight against a human and win, you know."


"We are a force of resistance. We will overturn society and re-draw the political borders of Gensokyo! It doesn't have much to do with you, since you humans will end up under our heels."

"None of you understand how much we, the weak, have been oppressed. So... In this inverted castle where everything is turned upside-down, I'll give you a taste of the humiliation the weak have suffered!"


Marisa- "Actually, ya did surprise me there when your head took off."
Sekibanki- "Do you want to see me do that again?"

Sekibanki- "Wh-What's with you? You're actually strong!"
Marisa - "'Course I am. If I were weak, I'd be sleepin' at home."

Kagerou- "A mermaid in the lake? Do you mean Wakasagihime?"
Marisa- "Yeah. Do ya know each other?"
Kagerou- "Somewhat, thanks to the grassroots youkai network. Though I also tried to eat her once by mistake."

Sakuya- "Did I even once say that I was weak? But... My expectations were off."
Sekibanki- "Wh-What do you mean?"
Sakuya- "Because I never needed to cut off your neck at all."
Sekibanki- "Gyah!"

Kagerou- "Do you think you can defeat me?"
Sakuya- "Yes, I believe I can."
Kagerou- "O-Oh, a quick answer."

Sakuya- "Who should it be but a wolfman!"
Kagerou- "I'm a wolf-woman!"
Sakuya- "Well, either way. Your blood will coat my knife."
Kagerou- "Eek!"

Raiko- "The drummers in the outside world have a saying. "Awaken your caveman spirit, for it doesn't need brains to beat a drum!""
Reimu- "Huh...The outside world seems barbaric."

Raiko- "I don't want to go back to a life of being hit and stepped on."
Sakuya- "You are a drum, yes? How could you not want to be hit?"

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