Hermits (仙人, sen'nin) are humans that live for thousands of years but are not actually immortal, like celestials. However, although a celestial is a type of hermit, which are poisonous to youkai, though hermits of earth are considered a delicacy; a youkai who has eaten a hermit would ascend to a higher rank or form, and any ordinary animal that consumes the flesh of a hermit will become a youkai.

Hermits spend most of their days reciting sutras every sunrise and sunset. They consume very little food, and those older than 500 only have to ingest mist and haze to survive. Occasionally (about once every century), an assassin from Hell will attack the hermit; if the hermit has slacked off even the slightest in the pursuit of Shuugyouku, the hermit is immediately sent to Hell.

Since hermits have not completely discarded all their worldly desires, they would often come to help humans in need. It is said that some youkai exterminators become hermits as a result of their work.

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