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Hata no Kokoro (秦 こころ) is a Menreiki youkai. She appears in Hopeless Masquerade as the Final Stage Boss. She considers Koishi her enemy due to the fact that during Hopeless Masquerade, Koishi stole her mask of hope, and refused to return it.


Hata no Kokoro is a youkai of menreiki, and she holds a total of 66 masks. She became a youkai after a long time from these masks which were used by the the father of Sarugaku performance, Hata no Kawakatsu.

When Prince Shoutoku was warring against Soga no Moriya, Prince Shoutoku ordered that Kawakatsu perform 66 types of play for an ancient ritual with the 66 masks given by Prince Shoutoku. After the plays were performed, the war ended and peace came.


During Hopeless Masquerade, Kokoro loses her mask of hope. Losing her hope causes her power to control emotions to go berserk, causing the humans in the Human Village to lose hope as well and become enthralled in a religious popularity contest that comes to be known as the "dueling fad". Reimu Hakurei and the others participate in this contest and are eventually guided by Mamizou Futatsuiwa to the Human Village at night, where Kokoro searches in vain for her lost mask. Most of the characters who try to stop her come up with their own solutions to her hopelessness, but none of them completely work until Mamizou notices the contradictory actions Kokoro is taking and offers her own advice, which is to stop relying on the masks and discover her own, true emotions through meeting (and fighting) a variety of people. In the process of doing so she discovers her own anger at the religious leaders who are taking advantage of the situation, and Reimu, Byakuren, and Miko team up to stop her.