Custom Maps may be created using WaveEditor.exe (requires .NET Framework 2.0? someone please confirm), but you may also create them using notepad by following a simple format.

The structure is as follows:

  • (Map Name)
  • (Starting Power)
  • (Stage ID) (Stage Type) (No. of Divisions) (Tower Limit) (No Sell) (SPEED)
  • (WaveID) (WaveHP) (Points per enemy)
  • (WaveID) (WaveHP) (Points per enemy)
  • (Repeat)
  • (Empty Return)

Use Tab-spaces between each entry.

  • Map Name: The name of the map.
  • Starting Power: The amount of power you begin with. Minimum is 1, up to a maximum of 99,999.
  • Stage ID: Starts at 0 = SDM Lobby, 1 = SDM Library, up to 8 = Hakurei Shrine. Check Gensokyo Tower Defense: Gameplay for the stage listings.
  • Stage Type : Controls the style of the map. Set to 0 for Easy-type map, 1 for normal map. Has no actual bearing on difficulty apart from single or double spawning points.
  • No. of Divisions: Controls splitting behavior of Greater Fluffballs. Set only as 1 or 2. Any higher will disable map.
  • Tower Limit: The maximum amount of towers that can be placed. 0 is unlimited, 144 is the maximum.
  • No Sell: The ability to sell towers. Set to 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
  • SPEED: Controls whether you have preparation time at the start or not. Set to 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
  • WaveID: Controls what mob type to spawn. IDs are given below.
  • WaveHP: Controls how much HP each enemy has. Cannot be set lower than 1.
  • Points per enemy: Controls how much Power an enemy gives. Set to 0 to disable power. Maximum is 999 power per enemy.

Multiple WaveIDs are for successive waves. Leave an empty return at the end of the file.

WaveIDs are divided into normal types and boss types. For boss types, just add 20 to their WaveID to spawn boss types. For example, 21 spawns a boss Red Fairy and 31 spawns a boss Butterfly spirit.

1 - Red Fairy

2 - Blue Fairy

3 - Green Fairy

4 - Yellow Fairy

5 - Fairy Mob

6 - Fluffball

7 - Greater Fluffball

8 - Evil Eye

9 - Lily White

10 - Crow

11 - Butterfly Spirit

12 - Cirno

13 - Rumia

14 - Mystia

15 - Tewi

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