Instead of using the characters of Touhou to defend the town of Arkham from a mythos led invasion, this time the girls of Gensokyo will be fighting on their own turf in an incident like no other.


Gensokyo is being threatened by the forces of the mythos. Strange creatures prowl the Forest of Magic, mirages of Carcosa appear on the shores of Misty Lake, and a foul mist hides buildings that have only recently appeared. Gensokyo's defenders have averted many crisis in the past, but can they join forces again to stop an invasion from worlds beyond?

Not everyone has Gensokyo's best interest at heart... the whispers of the Outer Gods can tempt even the strongest mind, and strange pacts with creatures from beyond the veil promise far more power than anyone could ever imagine.


Unlike Touhou Arkham Horror, Gensokyo Horror features a full conversion of the board game to simulate a Lovecraftian invasion of Gensokyo while still trying to keep the balance of the game intact. The Investigator and Ancient One cards can be used for this conversion, but minor changes will be required to make them consistent with the new board.

Gensokyo Horror features a new board, location cards, ally cards, condition cards, special cards, and items. However, most of these will serve similar or identical functions to their counterparts in Arkham Horror to protect game balance and integrity.

Once again, many investigators only require the basic game to play. However, some investigators require special items only found in expansions. The expansions these cards belong to can be found in the external links section of Touhou Arkham Horror.

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These downloads contain everything you need to bring your Arkham Horror Experience to Gensokyo.

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