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Why haven't you deleted this wikia?
It's obvious you can't keep it up to date and there's garbage like this all over the place

why is this wikia still here
there aren't even links to 14.5 or 15 on the front page and that came out in May —Preceding unsigned comment added by Syrupf (talkcontribs) 2015-08-14

I am no contributor but wikia staff does not just straight up delete a wiki, unless it has been completely barren for a long time, and there no contributors, and an admin requests it.
But such a thing would likely never happen in such a desolate yet not quite dead wiki such as this one, even though the .info version has miles of more content and polish. If you really wish the death of this wiki, contact wikia staff and see what they would have to say. (although I doubt they would approve of deleting a wiki in favor of a non-wikia host) -Watatsuki 02:57, October 13, 2015 (UTC)
If the content of this wiki has moved to Touhou Wiki, isn't only use the #REDIRECT command in the main page? Kyoko Moderfoca (talk) 11:44, October 15, 2015 (UTC)