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So Hello! I've got this weird problem - every time i use spell cards ( in Touhou 12.3 ) the game screen is turning all yellow. I can't see anything but color yellow... I'm playing on my laptop so probably it isn't good for this game but i've got all drivers updated. Is it a problem that can be solved or it' because of my shitty laptop?

Thank you very much :)

If you are using onboard graphics it might not be enough. I've been able to run the game successfully on a laptop but I had a dedicated graphics card. --VS3025 (talk) 02:41, October 3, 2012 (UTC)

~Hi. I have an issue where every time I open up th123 or th123e, I can't advance from the title screen. I pressed all the keys, nothing happens. I have all the components needed to run the game. I got this version from NicoBlog, the fully updated English Patch version. I don't have any other mods installed for it. Thanks!

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