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Hey guys,

first, I'd like to say thank you to this Wikia's admins and creators - I love this site!

Okay, moving on to my problem:

I played every Touhou game up to UFO and would like to tackle Hisoutensoku next. Hence, I did the usual, got the game, and extracted everything into one folder. So far so good. Then, I tried to run the th123.exe file. But it doesn't work. Windows keeps saying that "th123.exe has stopped working" and tries to find a solution. Meh. So I just thought that the file was simply broken and looked for an other source...

I've tried 3 different sources up to now and experience the same problem. I have no idea what could be wrong... do you? ;-)

I know that Hisoutensoku is an Add-on for Hisouten and that I have to connect them eventually. But I've read several guides which say that you CAN load the game without connecting (You will only have 5 characters then)which I can not.

So before worrying about connecting the games, I'd need to run the file first...

I hope that someone knows a solution or can give me some advice... Thank you in advance!

Try these tips - Run as administration or run the game from directory (not from shortcut. If the game is not working, buy, redownload or copy from your friends. And to be able to play all characters, you must have SWR first, then edit configex123 in UNL directory, look for a line saying th105path and change the path you see to your SWR directory and then execute th123.exe. Rouward 08:48, June 3, 2012 (UTC)
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