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Main Profile

Flandre Scarlet is the younger sister of Remilia Scarlet and a vampire who has lived at the Scarlet Devil Mansion for over 495 years. She is also the most popular character among newcomers to the series.

Flandre first appeared as the Extra Stage boss of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Flandre has lived for at least 495 years, but since she goes a little crazy due to emotional instability, she has never been taken outside the bounds of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, or rarely leaves the building itself, and as she herself never tried going outside for the respect she has to her sister, she was raised knowing nothing about the outside world. However, she has shown a desire to go outside after witnessing the events of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Her initial attempt to do so was blocked by Patchouli Knowledge's rain summoning magic.

Until the time when she met either Marisa Kirisame or Reimu Hakurei in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she had not seen any humans other than in cooked form.


Flandre is normally nice and quiet. She was described as "rather nuts", and although she doesn't often get angry, she is quite strange, which makes it difficult for others to understand her.


Flandre possesses superhuman capabilities just like Remilia Scarlet, such as enhanced physical strength, with the destructive power of oni and the nimbleness of tengu, as well as a vampire's bodily and regenerative ability. She can swing an oversized sword, thought not as quickly as she would like to. Since she doesn't know the proper way to attack humans, she is unable to go easy on them and blows them away without a trace. Just like her sister, she can transform into a bat.

Flandre can destroy anything she wants, which is truly a frightening ability with no real weaknesses. By moving the "eye" of the object, where the tension is highest, and by attacking this eye, she is able to destroy the target. She is able to move the "eye" of anything into the middle of her hand, then she pours her power into it or in other words, she crushes the "eye" and unconditionally destroys the target with just a squeeze. She states that everything has an "eye" and that she has those "eyes" in her hand.

This usage of ability was never shown other than in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red. Everything that is made for her to play with ends up broken, which may mean why she doesn't have many playmates, to which it's recommended to never meet with her.

Flandre is able to clone herself as seen in one of her spell cards, where she creates 3 clones that helps her in the battle. The clones attack as they like which could mean they're able to think independently to some grade.


In her hand, she possesses an object that looks like a crooked clock needle (sometimes thought to be a Lævateinn) – this is a prominent peculiarity associated with Flandre, in which the name is derived from her second spell card Taboo "Lævateinn". It shares its name with the sword (wand in some versions) of Loki, a Norse god known for causing mischief.

She also possesses unusually peculiar wings, an irregular shape unlike those of any living creature, youkai or ghost, or even to a vampire's typical bat-like wings (or even organic matter). Reimu even said, "I doubt she can fly with those wings."

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