妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精 (romanized: Yousei Daisensou ~ Touhou Sangetsusei, meaning "Great Fairy Wars ~ Eastern Three Fairies") is a vertical danmaku freezing game and is the 12.8th game in the series. It is a continuation of a story in Strange and Bright Nature Deity and is the only danmaku game by ZUN where he did not draw the portraits himself.

Reimu doesn't appear at all in this game(though she is mentioned), which is the second time this has happened in the entire series of games, the first being in Shoot the Bullet.


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The game plays somewhat like a fusion of the Shoot the Bullet series and the Phantasmagoria series, combined with "standard" Touhou gameplay. Cirno is able to shoot regularly, but also possesses a new "freezing" technique that adds a new twist to the game. Similar to Aya's camera, Cirno has a counter that fills up during gameplay. To activate this technique, hold and release the shot button. When activated, Cirno's freeze attack will attack the immediate area directly in front of her, and freeze any bullets it comes in contact with for a duration proportionate to the percentage of charge before vanishing afterwards. When other bullets come into contact with frozen bullets, they too will freeze, allowing for large chains to be frozen in this way. Points and bombs are awarded for freezing large numbers of bullets.

Like the main-series games, Fairy Wars contains full stages each home to their own specific midboss and boss. However, Cirno is the only playable character, and there are only three stages during a playthrough instead of six. On the other hand, though, there are six different "routes" the player may choose to take, depending on which order they choose to play the three stages in. There is also a seventh extra route which must be unlocked before being playable.


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