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Portable Fairy Wars

Like Double Spoiler, Fairy Wars stores userdata in the current user's Application Data folder. This can cause problems when a user wants to run the same state from multiple logins, or multiple computers. To keep things in the Fairy Wars directory, there is a simple fix: Create a notepad file, rename it to a .bat extension, (let's call it touhou128.bat) and put the following:

@echo off
md "%CD%\user"
set "APPDATA=%CD%\user"
start th128

Similarly, create one for custom.exe by making a custom.bat and putting

@echo off
md "%CD%\user"
set "APPDATA=%CD%\user"
start custom

There! Now, whenever you start Fairy Wars, the profile data that would be placed in your Application Data folder is instead placed in your Fairy Wars directory. Additionally, if you already have AppLocale installed, you can have the batch files start the executables using japanese locale by adding the following to the batch files on the lines between '@echo off' and 'md "%CD%\user"':

set __COMPAT_LAYER=ApplicationLocale
set AppLocaleID=0411

Difficulty Level Names

Like most of the other Windows games, each of the difficulty levels have a short summary.

  • Easy - Super easy. Don't make fun of me!
  • Normal - Normal. This'll be easy!
  • Hard - It's hard, but no problem!
  • Lunatic - Ultra hard! I'll turn 'em all into pure ice!

Spellcard Medals

This game has a medal system for spellcards.

  • Bronze (辛くも勝利!, A Narrow Victory!) - Card beaten, but you died, used a bomb, or ran out of time.
  • Silver (ノーミス勝利!, A No-Miss Victory!) - Card beaten without dying or bombing.
  • Gold (ノーアイス勝利!, A No-Ice Victory!) - Card beaten without dying, bombing, or freezing any bullets.


To unlock the extra stage, you must reach all 6 endings without continuing on any difficulty mode.


  • When performing a deathbomb, the bomb counter on the bottom left of the screen isn't affected, thus displaying an incorrect number of bomb.
  • When started on an average North American locale computer, the dialogue boxes will usually be shown as empty. To make the dialogue display, use Microsoft AppLocale, or SBApplocale.
  • custom.exe has a tendency to refuse to start. If you experience this issue, try setting compatibility mode to Windows 2000.
  • When enemies are cleared when dialogue begins on Hard or Lunatic, the "revenge bullets" still shoot even though all bullets are supposed to be cleared. However, you're invincible during dialogue, so it can't actually kill you.
  • Selecting "Give Up and Retry" after dying may crash the game (on XP, the "encountered a problem and needs to close" dialog is displayed; however, there seems to be no problem if the game is played on Vista). This was observed after running out of continues on B1-3 during the midboss battle with Luna, but specific conditions are unknown.
  • When recording your scores, sometimes your selected route and the recorded route does not match (e.g. you just recorded a score from A1 and on the scoreboard the stage is recorded as B1).
  • When facing the fairies' last spell in stage 3, you can cause the game to continue indefinitely by defeating one or two of the 'side character' fairies (the two who aren't the main boss) while defeating the boss fairy at the same time (usually via freezing). The spell will end and the fairies (however many are left) will scatter, but the stage will never end. You can still shoot and collide with the lingering fairies before they drift out of range.
  • Even after clearing all stages in a certain difficulty level without continuing, the extra stage may still remain locked. This may have resulted from an occasion once or more where clearing a certain route will lead to an ending that does not match with the corresponding route (e.g. ending No. 5 appears after clearing route A-1). To prevent this issue, clear the route once more until the correct ending shows up. To solve this issue, check for any spell cards that remain uncaptured in the difficulty level - if there are missing spell cards, clear the route(s) where the spell cards appear. If all spell cards of that difficulty level have been captured and yet the extra stage remains locked, try to clear all six routes once more.

Replay Issues

  • When selecting a replay to view and selecting a replay of stage C2-X, it will incorrectly display as C1-X in the stage selection.
  • On the pause menu of a replay, the third option of "Replay Again" opens the in-game manual, while selecting the hidden option one step lower will replay the replay.
  • There is an issue with the Replay menu where it crashes when you have a misnamed replay (for example, you saved a replay for Route A1 and the replay registered as B1). To fix this, save another replay.
  • If you save a replay while in route selection after defeating a first stage boss, the replay can make the game crash. Replay

Fun Facts

  • This game is the game with the largest number of spell cards—250 in total. This title was previously held by Imperishable Night, with 222 spell cards in total.
    • However, since some spell cards were re-used across each route (Ice Dissolver, Fairy Overdrive, and Three Fairies in particular), it only has 214 unique spell cards.
  • Most of the Spell Cards' names are written in Katakana. Only one doesn't have any in its name.
  • In the music room and stage music name display, 妖精大戦争 ~ Fairy Wars is misspelled as 妖精大戦争 ~ Faily Wars. Video of this.
  • This game is the first in the series that you start off without any bombs. Instead, the player must freeze bullets to earn their bombs.
  • When the final boss of each stage is beaten, if the player gives additional damage to the boss after the defeat, the energy bar that should be technically empty goes over the 0 marker and partially refills (sth like a negative hit point).
  • Reimu doesn't appear at all in this game (she is mentioned), which is the second time in the entire series of games, the first being in Shoot the Bullet.

English Patch

v1.1 Hosted at