• Arrow Keys - Move Cirno
  • Tap Z - Fire
  • Hold Z - Charge Ice Power
  • Release Z - Release Ice Power
  • X - Perfect Freeze (Uses 100% Perfect Freeze)
  • Shift - Slow mode


Cirno's remaining lives are represented in a percentage form. When you lose a life, you'll lose 100% Motivation. If this would be enough to bring you **under** 0%, you'll get a game over.

Motivation will increase steadily as you destroy enemies and use Ice Power. Using Ice Power to destroy enemies will increase it more quickly.

Shot Power

Your total frozen area determines what your power level is. The percentages are the same across all difficulties except for easy (Easy also starts off at Lvl 3). There isn't an easy formula to convert between power level and frozen area, but it generally starts off fast (50% will get you to the next level) and slows down (it takes 400% to get from Lvl 15 to Max).

Below is a conversion table for convenience.

Power Level Easy Normal/Hard/Lunatic/Extra
LEVEL 1 N/A (Easy automatically
starts players at LV 3)
LEVEL 2 50%–99%
LEVEL 3 0%–49% 100%–199%
LEVEL 4 50%–99% 200%–349%
LEVEL 5 100%–149% 350%–499%
LEVEL 6 150%–199% 500%–699%
LEVEL 7 200%–299% 700%–899%
LEVEL 8 300%–449% 900%–1099%
LEVEL 9 450%–599% 1100%–1299%
LEVEL 10 600%–799% 1300%–1499%
LEVEL 11 800%–999% 1500%–1699%
LEVEL 12 1000%–1199% 1700%–1999%
LEVEL 13 1200%–1399% 2000%–2299%
LEVEL 14 1400%–1649% 2300%–2599%
LEVEL 15 1650%–1999% 2600%–2999%
LEVEL MAX 2000%–65535% 3000%–65535%

Ice Power

Cirno has an Ice Power meter that works much like the camera in Shoot the Bullet/Double Spoiler. It will charge slowly from 0% to 100%. In order to charge it manually, you can hold down Z. By holding down Z and then releasing it, Cirno will release the Ice Power that was stored.

When Cirno releases her Ice Power, it will freeze all nearby bullets. It will then freeze all bullets close to those bullets, and so on, for a certain period of time. After the period of time ends, the bullets will all disappear, and any enemies that get hit by the "shattering" ice will be damaged quite a bit.

Depending on what percentage of Cirno's capacity you charged, the resulting effect will last longer. If you didn't charge up to over 30%, nothing will happen and you will resume firing normally: the accumulated power won't be wasted either.

After the effect ends, you will receive a point bonus based on how much of the screen you filled up with ice(see table below). Your Ice Power will then reset to 10% if you froze under 30% of the screen, and reset to 20% if you froze over 30%.

Shooting will slow down the automatic generation if your shots aren't hitting anything. Hitting something will increase the rate of regeneration, and grazing will add even more to it.

Percentage of Screen Frozen Point Bonus
0.00% 0
10.00% 10,000
20.00% 40,000
30.00% 100,000
40.00% 160,000
60.00% 360,000
100.00% 1,000,000

(Linearly interpolate for intermediate values)

Perfect Freeze

Cirno's bomb freezes all non-fire and non-laser bullets on the screen. Enemies will get damaged based on how much ice breaks near them at the end of the bomb.

Each time you use the bomb, the Perfect Freeze meter will decrease by 100%. If it's 99% or below, you cannot use it. The meter itself can increase all the way to 300%, contrary to what it says in the manual.

When you die, you'll gain 25% to Perfect Freeze(of course, not going over 300%). Also, you will gain a bonus based on how much of the screen was frozen. See the above table for details.


Cirno can run into most grunt enemies without getting hit, unlike other Touhou games. However, midbosses and bosses will still cause Cirno to lose a life.

Scoring System

  • Stage 1 Clear Bonus: 1000000
  • Stage 2 Clear Bonus: 2000000
  • Stage 3 Clear Bonus: 3100000 + (Motivation * 500000 * 2^[Difficulty level])
  • Extra Clear Bonus: 13000000 + (4000000 * Motivation)

Motivation is expressed as a decimal in the formulas above. So if you have 425%, the value is 4.25.

Difficulty level represents 0 for Easy, 1 for Normal, 2 for Hard, and 3 for Lunatic.

The maximum clear bonus is 43,100,000 in Lunatic and 53,000,000 in Extra.

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