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Spell Card 04

Th06sc04 No. 04: 氷符「アイシクルフォール」

Ice Sign "Icicle Fall"

Owner: Cirno
Stage 2 — Easy/Normal
Comment: Ice falls all around you from different angles.

As you move closer, she shoots 5-way spreads more often.

Editor's note: On Easy Mode, there's a large safe spot right in front of Cirno, which can be used to beat this Spell Card with literally no effort.

Spell Card 05

Th06sc05 No. 05: 雹符「ヘイルストーム」

Hail Sign "Hailstorm"

Owner: Cirno
Stage 2 — Hard/Lunatic
Comment: Ice falls all around you from different angles.

You won't be able to get close to her in this one.

Spell Card 06

Th06sc06 No. 06: 凍符「パーフェクトフリーズ」

Freeze Sign "Perfect Freeze"

Owner: Cirno
Stage 2 — Easy/Normal/Hard/Lunatic
Comment: Cirno's signature move.

Freezing lively moments is her hobby, it seems.

Spell Card 07

Th06sc07 No. 07: 雪符「ダイアモンドブリザード」

Snow Sign "Diamond Blizzard"

Owner: Cirno
Stage 2 — Normal/Hard/Lunatic
Comment: A raw display of icy fury.

She has no real strategy at this point. She's just a child, after all.
The name is maybe made for the combination of diamond dust and blizzard.

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