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Spell Card 01

Th06sc01 No. 01: 月符「ムーンライトレイ」

Moon Sign "Moonlight Ray"

Owner: Rumia
Stage 1 — Hard/Lunatic
Comment: Two lasers force you in front of Rumia while she fires sunburst spreads.

Spell Card 02

Th06sc02 No. 02: 夜符「ナイトバード」

Night Sign "Night Bird"
(The name comes from "Night Birds", which was a song by British jazz-funk band Shakatak)

Owner: Rumia
Stage 1 — Easy*/Normal/Hard/Lunatic
Comment: Alternating flaps of bullet wings.
  • Rumia's first non-spell attack must be timed out to access it on Easy.

Spell Card 03

Th06sc03 No. 03: 闇符「ディマーケイション」

Darkness Sign "Demarcation"
(Demarcation: to mark off a boundary or limit)

Owner: Rumia
Stage 1 — Easy/Normal/Hard/Lunatic
Comment: Weaving circle spreads followed by aimed waves of bullets.

The longer the Spell Card lasts, the more bullets will be aimed at you.

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