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Bad Endings

To view the bad endings, either finish the game on Easy or finish the game with one or more continues.

  • To get Bad Ending 1, use Reimu, any type.
  • To get Bad Ending 2, use Marisa, any type.

Good Endings

To view the good endings, finish the game on Normal, Hard, or Lunatic difficulty without continuing once.

  • To get Ending 3, use Reimu-A.
  • To get Ending 4, use Reimu-B.
  • To get Ending 5, use Marisa-A.
  • To get Ending 6, use Marisa-B.


Unlocking stages in Practice Start

To unlock a stage to practice in "Practice Start" at a specific difficulty level and for a specific character and type, you must complete that stage in the standard "Start" game mode at that same difficulty, using the same character and type. The stage will be unlocked even if you have used continues.

Unlocking Extra

To unlock the Extra stage for a specific character and type, you must reach the "Good Ending" (beat the entire game without continuing on Normal or higher difficulties) with that same character and type.


View more replays than the standard 15

If you rename replay files to "th6_ud*.rpy", where * is any string of characters, you will be able to view them in the "Replay" menu, and they won't take up any of your precious 15 slots for saving replays. However, the first 4 characters of the * in "th6_ud*.rpy" must be unique from any other * in the replay folder, or else that replay won't be recognized by the game.

Rin Satsuki: The character that never was

If you do a text search of the EoSD data files, you can find the name "冴月麟" (Satsuki Rin) near the other playable characters. Associated with her are the attack types 花符 (Flower Sign) and 風符 (Wind Sign). Some theories have been invented about this mysterious character, including that she is a Kirin (due to the matching character in her name) and that she is a nurse, based on a remark of Marisa's in the Extra Stage. There has even been fanart drawn of her.

Unused Mysterious Boss

There is an unused boss that was found in the data. It may have been a default Rumia, or Rin Satsuki sprite. It seems that it may have been used for stage 1. No one really knows more about it.


Master Spark Disappearance Act

During the period of violent shaking caused by Marisa-B's bomb, "Master Spark", enemies that are scheduled to appear from the right side of the screen will consistently fail to show up. Enemies that disappear in this fashion do not produce any points or items. Marisa really is a magician.

Rumia First Nonspell Bug

The first healthbar of Rumia will not be drained in case of timing out her first nonspell, so if she had full health at this time, it would be impossible to defeat her spellcard. Moreover, there must be no spellcard after the first nonspell of Rumia on easy, but it starts in case of timing out her first nonspell.

Sound Glitch

It seems that the sound of Reimu's shooting (Z key) disappears when Power is between 16 and 31.

Extra damage for Flandre and Remilia's last Spell Card

When facing Flandre Scarlet in the Extra stage, if you shoot at her immediately after her second-last Spell Card (Secret Shot "And Then Will There Be None?") ends, she will take a significant amount of damage to her healthbar for her last Spell Card (QED "Ripples of 495 Years"). This can also be done for Remilia's last Spell Card ("Red Magic" or "Scarlet Gensokyo"). This bug will not work if second-last Spell Card of Flandre or Remilia is beaten by bombing.

Another bug for Flandre and Remilia

If you time out the last Spell Card of Remilia or Flandre and use a bomb right before the Spell Card finishes off (that will cause Remilia and Flandre turn into bats), the Spell Card will finish, but the bat-looking bosses will still remain on the screen. In this case you will have to wait a minute or so before the final score (for Remilia) or the final dialog (for Flandre) appears.

Difficulty Level Descriptions

Like all of the Windows games, EoSD has brief descriptions for each of the difficulty levels.

Easy - For people who aren't good at STGs.
Normal - For most people.
Hard - Arcade difficulty
Lunatic - For weird people.
Extra - Give up already, are you crazy?

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