ENDLESS ALICE features Alice Margatroid battling a slowly growing horde of mushrooms.

Players control Alice in this platform shooter to destroy as many mushrooms as they can in a single-screen map of choice. Each continues indefinitely until the player runs out of lives. Gameplay is reminiscent of the original Mario Bros., however, Alice attacks her fungal foes conventionally rather than jumping on them. She is armed with an endless supply of dolls which she flings or powers up to create a blast, which may be used to start a chain effect of exploding enemies. Also making an appearance is Marisa Kirisame, who sporadically flies across the top of the screen on a broomstick, to be shot at and caught for points.

The 'Never end' screen one gets when Alice dies is a reference to Miyuki-chan in Wonderland.


This game is about survival. The longer you live, the more mushrooms will appear.

To achieve a higher score, kill mushrooms without missing and make sure you get Marisa when she flies by.


  • z: Throw Doll
  • z+up: Throw doll in the air
  • x: Jump
  • x+down: Slide in the direction you are facing.


  • Green Mushroom - Standard mushroom, hops about.
  • Yellow Mushroom - Will jump down to get you if you are close, but will not jump up.
  • Red Mushroom - Will jump up and down levels to chase after you. It will also go straight down through the wooden sections if you are under them.
  • Marisa - Flies across the top on occasion and throws stars. Throw dolls up to hit her.

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