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?? - 1 Not really worth discussing. You only need one photo, so just snap one when the level starts. If you want to stay in longer, all you have to do is circle Aya.

?? - 2 Snap a photo after Hatate charges at you, then run to the side to avoid her photo. It's best to run perpindicular to Hatate, since her photo is vertical.

?? - 3 Try to stay far away from Hatate, because you don't have much time to get out of her photos.

?? - 4 When Hatate is about to take a photo, run directly towards her or away from her since her shots are horizontal. Time your photos to get rid of some of the card/amulet bullets.

?? - 5 The same as ?? - 1.

?? - 6 If you're too close to Aya when she starts to take her photo, its long range will get you.

?? - 7

?? - 8 Try to take photos of Aya when she's moving so you can get out of the way of her camera shots.

?? - 9 When taking photos of Aya, pause for a fraction of a second, since Aya starts moving from the left or right of the screen as soon as you take out your camera. In the later photos, however, you should take pictures immediately since she speeds up. It's best to stay up front because Hatate doesn't have long range, but if you retreat backwards you can take a defensive shot that will charge your camera to 75%.

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