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東方香霖堂 ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia (Touhou Kourindou ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia) is a series of side stories that complement the normal Touhou timeline.

Written by ZUN and illustrated by Genji Asai, each story takes up four pages; one full-page artwork, three of mostly text.

It's written from the point of view of Rinnosuke Morichika, proprietor of Kourindou, a little odds-and-ends store. Naturally, he has a lot of well-known "customers" in the store, especially Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame.


Pieces of information about dates are by courtesy of the Japanese Touhou Wiki.


  • The stories themselves are serialized in various publications: Magazine Elfics, Elnavi, Dengeki Moeoh (電撃萌王), and Colorful PUREGIRL. One extra chapter was contributed for twirl-lock's doujinshi, "Reisaishii 2" (霊偲志異2). When serialized in Colorful PUREGIRL, nearly each story required two months to complete. This is related to the reason the numberings of each chapter are different on magazines and internet novels. ZUN's numbering in each publication is shown below. Each publication the series appeared in is lined on the far left.

Publication PUREGIRL Elfics Reisaishii 2 Elnavi Hardcover
Colorful PUREGIRL chap. 1 - part 1     chap. 1
chap. 1 - part 2 chap. 2
chap. 2 chap. 3
chap. 3 - part 1 chap. 4
chap. 3 - part 2 chap. 5
chap. 4 - part 1 chap. 6
chap. 4 - part 2 chap. 7
chap. 5 - part 1 chap. 8
chap. 5 - part 2 chap. 9
magazine elfics   chap. 1 chap. 10
chap. 2 chap. 7 chap. 11
Reisaishii 2   chap. 8[1]   chap. 12
magazine elfics chap. 3   chap. 12 chap. 13
chap. 4 chap. 13 chap. 14
chap. 5 chap. 14 chap. 15
chap. 6 chap. 15 chap. 16
Elnavi   chap. 16 chap. 17
chap. 17 chap. 18
Dengeki Moeoh chap. 18 chap. 19
chap. 19 chap. 20
chap. 20 chap. 21
chap. 21 chap. 22
chap. 22 chap. 23
chap. 23 chap. 24
chap. 24 chap. 25
chap. 25 chap. 26
chap. 26 chap. 27

^  His exact comment is "This is the next part of chapter 7".

In Colorful PUREGIRL, parts one and two were to be combined into one whole chapter. In the magazine Elfics, the numbering restarted from the beginning. Just after the second chapter was published there, Comiket 67 took place and a doujinshi was sold which included one story of CoLA. It wasn't available anywhere else, so once people found out about it and tried to buy it, the resale price skyrocketed. It was also unclear if was part of the official series until the hardcover compilation was released. In Elnavi, parts one and two were made to be their own separate stories. In the hardcover release, the doujinshi-exclusive chapter was also included. Everything seemed to be fine, but there was another problem; the chapter numbering in the hardcover version doesn't match the magazine version. Don't be puzzled by sources that list different numberings.

  • The preview article is here.
  • The titles of chapter 8 and 9 ― 霧雨の火炉 and 夏の梅雨堂 ― were originally credited as 霖雨の火炉 and 夏の梅霖堂.

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