I thought, if there's a section where people can write articles and essays about Touhou world, it would be cool. So I made this page.


Scarlet Devil Mansion - Random thoughts on all that is Scarlet.

Random Culture!

Higan is a biannual holiday celebrated during spring and fall equinoxes. It could also mean "the other shore" where souls, after crossing the river between this world and the next, reach enlightenment.

On Remilia's IaMP spellcard Divine Spear "Spear the Gungnir," Gungnir is the name of Odin's spear and not the name of any impaled beast that's implied by the spellcard. (Edit: Could this mean "Spear the Gungnir" by using "spear" as a verb? Japanese people love Engrish afterall.) -- The likely reason is that it could be written as "Spear, The Gungnir" -- IE, it is referring to the object proper in an archaic manner instead of "The Spear Gungnir" or "Gungnir, The Spear". Just another example of gratuitous english needing a little viewing effort.

Hanami is a traditional custom of flower blossom viewing every spring, usually for cherry blossoms.

In IaMP when Youmu encountered her, Marisa chanted the "spell" kuwabara kuwabara, incorrectly used to ward off a ghost. Youmu's ghost half that is.

Onigashima is the island of Onis that Momotarō travelled to.

Translated Contemplations

Contemplations from Touhou Tycoon.


Psieye (written in English) - thoughts on various topics in the Touhou universe, based on various material found on this Wiki and from the games.


Highly Responsive to Quotes - Memorable quotes from the Touhou series.