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coa is a Touhou player who has been steadily conquering Mountain of Faith scoreboards since early 2008.

coa showcases a very competitive stance on the game, defending every one of the records he has once achieved against other competitors. He has successfully overcome efforts made by such players as USK, YASU, たろー, and 水性すらいむ.

coa's character choice in his competitive Mountain of Faith play has been mostly consisting of Reimu subtypes. As of May, 2009, he is holding world records with all Reimu characters in Easy, Normal, and Extra modes, and partly in Hard and Lunatic modes. Among them are many impressive feats, such as attaining 2 billion in Hard mode with Reimu-A and 2.160 billion in Lunatic mode with Reimu-B, improving ASAPIN's old record by almost 150 million points.

The first time he decided to change to Marisa (C subtype in particular) was explained by the need to break a billion in Extra mode of the game, which has so far been proven to be impossible with every other character due to apparent lack of movement flexibility and firepower. On 2009/05/07, Extra mode expert mk suggested a new strategy that avoids bombing on the first large fairy in the beginning of the stage in favor of circling around it. [1] This enables the player to pick up small Faith items instead of 20 small powerups, allowing to accumulate more Faith overall if item chaining is done correctly. Using this strategy, coa managed to attain 1,000,020,760 points on 2009/05/21, reaching his goal after a long struggle. A completely flawless run is expected to reach 1.001 billion with over 701,500 Faith remaining upon the end-of-stage tally, which means coa's current effort is less than 0.1% away from the theoretically optimal value.

Notable player records

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