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Circle Japanese name: くらっしゅハウス
Artist: 比良坂 真琴 (Makoto Hirasaka)
Link: (site: Dolphinicity)

Makoto Hirasaka is the artist for the official Touhou manga Strange and Bright Nature Deity and Oriental Sacred Place as well as the portrait artist for the 12.8th installation of the Touhou games, Fairy Wars.

Gap Demon (2005-08-14)

Translated by Tanin, edited by Jiu.

Download: Gap Demon

Gallery: Gap Demon This doujin was also done later in increased quality by Kawaii Heavens. You can find the release at their page:

Eternity / Akizakura - cosmos bipinnatus (2005-10-01)

See: Seasonal Dream Vision: Comics#Eternity / Akizakura - cosmos bipinnatus

Phantasmal Song (2005-12-29)

See: Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red: Comics#Phantasmal Song

Waning Gibbous Moon (2005-12-30)

Translated and edited by teru.

Download: Waning Gibbous Moon

Comic Haiku Theater (2006-05-21)

Translated by Cardcaptor, edited by Halbarad.

Download: Comic Haiku Theater

Touhou Kyousougeki (2006-06-18)

Translated by Solamarle, edited by Eternia.

Download: Touhou Kyousougeki

Moonlit Coffin (2006-08-13)

Translated by a Nameless Fairy, edited by Rukaroa.

Download: Moonlit Coffin

Fantasy Kaleidoscope (2006-12-31)

Translated by Tanin, edited by Rukaroa.

Download: Fantasy Kaleidoscope

Gensokyo Tobiscope (2007-12-31)

Translated by Tetrominon, edited by Jiu.

Download: Gensokyo Tobiscope

Raison d'Être (2008-08-16)

Translated by Nietz, edited by Kyon.

Download: Raison d'Être

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