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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - おまけ.txt

Ice Fairy of the Lake


Ability: Manipulation of Chill

Stage 2 Boss: A Girl of Snow.

Her intellect is not very developed. She's just a child. To Reimu and Marisa, she's nothing more than a plain idiot.

She likes playing tricks and often toys with frogs. She freezes them instantly, then watches them revive as they thaw in the water. She tends to fail one out of every 3 attempts, however, and the poor amphibian shatters to pieces.

Perfect Cherry Blossom - キャラ設定.txt

Youkai of the Ice


Stage 1 midboss, a youkai of ice that likes cold places.

Her main ability is the manifestation and manipulation of chill.

She didn't have any specific reason for attacking Reimu and company, so she attacked them just for being there.

Cirno radiates chilling air from herself, whether it be summer or winter, so the air around her is always cold. It's cold in the spring as well of course. Autumn too.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - Demo Manual

Th09cirno manual
Small Ice Fairy, Cirno

A fairy who likes pranks. She has the ability to manipulate cold. Without thinking of her own strength, she sets up pranks and ends up having a painful experience every time. That can be said of most fairies, but without reflecting on her past painful experiences at all Cirno sets up pranks one after another. The disaster this time has all of the fairies in an uproar, so she'll probably show up too.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt

TH09 Cirno
Small Ice Fairy, Cirno

Species: Fairy

Ability: Manipulation of Chill

An ice fairy who usually stays at the lake, which is like her headquarters. She's basically just a fairy, so she's an idiot who loves pranks.

Since the flowers are blooming so much, lots of people are coming to the lake; this leads to the fairies being even more troublesome than usual, so she decided to join them and be a bother as well.

Unthinkable Natural Law

Ice Fairy, Cirno

The small fairy was as agitated as usual. Because today, she had seen something bigger than the mountain.

Of course, in reality, it was much smaller than the mountain, but from her impression, there wasn't that big of a difference. It was soon hidden in mist and disappeared from sight, but she was certain. It was definitely the great youkai "Daidarabocchi".

She didn't know where it normally lived, but a moment after she became excited by seeing a rare youkai, the shrine maiden descended from the Youkai Mountain.

"Have you seen any giant robo... anything big moving around here?"

Asking that, the shrine maiden started searching in the mist.

The small fairy found itself driven on by an odd irritation, thinking that she saw it first, so it was her thing.

"I didn't see any Daidarabocchi."

Saying that, she diverted the shrine maiden. From nothing more than simple curiosity, she decided to search for the great youkai here.

Fairy Wars

Ice Fairy Cirno

Manipulation of Chill

After the events of Strange and Bright Nature Deity, in Fairy Wars, Cirno tries to find those responsible for destroying their house. After learning that it was the Three Mischievous Fairies, goes in search of those responsible, to which defeat easily, because Cirno is The Strongest.

After, Cirno wanders around for a while, bored of weak opponents. While wandering, she encounters Marisa Kirisame, making Cirno think she is a worthy opponent. They battle, and later, Marisa pauses and realising how powerful Cirno was. Marisa goes slightly harder, but is still defeated. Marisa claims that she didn't try as an excuse for her loss.

Double Dealing Character

Stage 1 Midboss: The Ice Fairy of the Lake


Species: Fairy

Ability: Ability to manipulate ice

A fairy that lives on the Misty Lake. Treated as no better than the grunts

Hidden Star in Four Seasons trial = omake.txt

Unmelting Ice Fairy Under the Blazing Skies


Species: Fairy
Ability: Capable of manipulating ice

An ice fairy who hangs out around the lakeside.

For some reason, she's obtained the strength to remain undefeated by the midsummer sun, and has fallen into a terrible state of mental invincibility.
She doesn't think there's any incident going on in particular, but wanted to travel the world while she's feeling courageous.
That's all.