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Ran's shikigami


Boundary of Gensokyo


  • (Touhou 7, 10.5)Dark orange eyes, brown hair, wears a green mob cap. Has cat ears, with a gold earring in the left one, and two tails. Wears a red and light pink outfit with gold trimming. Has long red fingernails.
  • (10.5, alternative Yukari spell) Outfit is orange instead of red, and the ribbon is green.
  • (12.3) Various, depending on Yukari's outfit




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Chen is Ran's shikigami, who was guarding the village of Mayohiga during the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom. Unfortunately, she could put up little resistance due to being far away from her master.

Later, she guards the path to Ran Yakumo, and is much more powerful due to her master's proximity.

Fun Facts

  • Chen's name, "橙", can be literally translated as "bitter orange" in the Japanese Language, but the Chinese characters would be translated as the color orange. All of the Yakumo family are named after the names of color. Why Chen appears before Ran and Yukari comes from the fact that the orange light has physically lower energy than the indigo, Ran, and the violet, Yukari.
  • In fanworks, Ran is sometimes shown as yelling "CHEN!" whenever Chen does something wrong. Now, she's more popularly known as "CHEEEEEEEEEN!"
  • Another popular meme regarding Chen is 「藍さまホイホイ」 or "Ran-sama hoihoi."
  • The pronunciation of her name, "Chen", is derived from the obsolete Chinese reading of 橙. In Japanese, that character would be read as "tou" or "daidai"; in modern Chinese, "cheng".
  • Rin, being the only other cat character in the series, is often depicted in fanart fighting with Chen.
  • She is one of the few Touhou characters in the Windows series to not have a last name that is specified. (Others being Cirno and Kisume, for example.) However, it can be assumed that her last name is Yakumo.

Official Profiles

Perfect Cherry Blossom - キャラ設定.txt
















Black Cat of Bad Omens


Stage 2 Boss, a shikigami that possesses a cat living in the mountain. Her primary ability is black magic.

She is Ran's shikigami, which makes her a shikigami of a shikigami of a youkai. Although she's a shikigami, her normal form is not a charm or anything like that; she always remains in her human-like form. Even without being in shikigami possession she can speak the human language and fly around, but her abilities will be limited to merely surprising people. Also, while non-possessed, neither her appearance nor personality changes, but she still sits by a kotatsu in the winter.

In shikigami form, this cat-figure acquires the fearsome power of a wrathful god. But because her master is a shikigami as well, her power is somewhat lowered.

When touched by water, her shikigami possession is unlinked from her master. As a cat her normal form also hates water, so she is always weak against water.








A shikigami of a shikigami of the Sukima Youkai


Extra Stage midboss.

Following a quick and complete recovery from the injuries of her previous defeat, Chen is set for a second round of combat.

Her master is in the vicinity this time around, so her power has been amplified considerably. Might she spend that power generously on the human before her?

Book Synopsis

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Main article: Article and Interview: Chen

Aya investigates an abandoned village inhabited entirely by cats. When she arrives, she finds Chen and cat anarchy.
Chen explains that she gathered the cats there in search of a servant to call her own.

By the time Aya returns for an interview, Chen still has not managed to establish a solid leadership role for herself.
Aya tells her that she lacks power and that she should reflect on the nature of the relationship between her and her master Ran.
She recommends using a mouse (which Chen objects to).

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

PMiSS chen
Main article: Perfect Memento: Chen
  • Chen is a Nekomata, a type of ghost cat youkai with long claws and a forked tail.
  • Her appearance and danger to humans are about average among youkai.
  • Chen serves as a shikigami to Ran Yakumo, and becomes much stronger when her master is present.
  • However, she hates water, and splashing her will dispel the shikigami possession, making her resort to physical attacks.
  • She is also very fond of catnip, and will lose the will to fight if some is scattered to distract her.
  • Chen is capable of human speech and can use impressive black arts, but only possesses the intellect of a human child.
  • Her attacks rely on speed and deceptive movement to confuse her opponent.

The Grimoire of Marisa

Main article: The Grimoire of Marisa: Chen's Spell Cards
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