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Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
A beautiful cover
Developer Team Shanghai Alice
Publisher Ichijinsha
Released 2005
Genre Illustrated official fan book

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red (東方文花帖, romanized Touhou Bunkachou, meaning Oriental Cultural Album), the first official fanbook of the Touhou series, is written by ZUN and drawn by Kususaga Rin and some others. It features Aya Shameimaru writing a newspaper about the Touhou world, with some comics and newspaper articles. It also comes with a music CD featuring tracks from PoFV.

ZUN felt it incomplete to have a Touhou without a shooting game, thus he released a title marked as installment 9.5: 東方文花帖 ~ Shoot the Bullet for Winter Comiket 2005.

Bohemian means "of a person who lives in a very informal way without following accepted rules of behaviour" or "of Aya, living her easy life free from many obstacles and routines." Archive means "a collection of historical documents or records" or "the collection of Bunbunmaru Newspaper from the 113rd to 120th Season edition". And "Japanese Red" may mean "the color of red lacquer-ware" or "japanesque one", or "the color of a Tengu's face". So the title essentially means "a collection of newspaper articles written by a free-living Tengu".

Additionally, "bunkachou" (文化庁) can refer to the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.


Bunbunmaru Newspaper

Articles and Interviews

  • pg. 18-19: Marisa - "Succeeded in Taking a Picture of Crime Scene of Midsummer's Continual Sneak Thief"
  • pg. 20-21: Sakuya - "Strange Treasure Hunter Lopes Across the Night"
  • pg. 22-23: Kaguya - "Moon Capital Exhibition Now In Progress at Eientei"
  • pg. 24-25: Eirin - "In Modern Gensokyo, a New Dream Medicine"
  • pg. 26-27: Alice - "Large Number of Straw Effigies Found In Forest Behind Shrine"
  • pg. 28-29: Letty - "In the Prolonged Winter, Ceremony to Ask for Spring"
  • pg. 30-31: Yuyuko - "Mysterious Flower Petals Beneath the Cherry Trees"
  • pg. 32-33: Lunasa - "Sudden Location Change for Poltergeists' Live"
  • pg. 34-35: Merlin - "Is the Second Prismriver Sister Going Solo?"
  • pg. 36-37: Lyrica - "In Search of a New Sound"
  • pg. 38-39: Youmu - "Ghost Procession on a Midsummer Afternoon"
  • pg. 40-41: Yukari - "Youkai Practices Animal Abuse"
  • pg. 42-43: Ran - "Width of the Sanzu Successfully Calculated"
  • pg. 44-45: Chen - "The Field Where the Cats Live"
  • pg. 46-47: Rumia - "Demon Lurks in Darkness, in Broad Daylight"
  • pg. 48-49: Remilia - "The Crimson Rainbow and Angel's Wings That Straddle The Earth"
  • pg. 50-51: Fairies - "The Strange Reverse Rainbow in the Summer Noon"
  • pg. 52-53: Flandre - "Enormous Shooting Star Explodes in Mid-air"
  • pg. 54-55: Keine - "The Mysterious Truth about the Secret History Association"
  • pg. 56-57: Mokou - "Mysterious Fire in the Bamboo Forest"
  • pg. 58-59: Mystia - "Night Sparrow's New Promising Enterprise"
  • pg. 60-61: Wriggle - "The New Insects' News Service"
  • pg. 62-63: Cirno - "Ice Fairy Eaten by Giant Toad"
  • pg. 64-65: Tewi - "Daring Monetary Offering Fraud"
  • pg. 66-67: Reisen - "Rabbit Mob Protests Shrine Festival"
  • pg. 68-69: Meiling - "Mysterious Patterns in Flower Field"
  • pg. 70-71: Patchouli - "Out of Season, the Great Setsubun Festival at the Scarlet Devil Manor"
  • pg. 72-73: Suika - "The Midwinter Moon's Great Explosion"
  • pg. 74-75: Rinnosuke - "Mysterious Luxury Goods arrive in Kourindou"
  • pg. 76-77: Reimu - "Flower Viewing Continues at the Shrine"

Memoranda of Feature Articles

Guide of Beautiful Sceneries in Gensokyo

Music Columns "Musical Sense of Illusion"


Interview with ZUN