• TheSuperKoopaBros11

    Yeah. what it should says on title I think it's inactive for no reason... But i guess it's old now... *Shrugs*

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  • Quirk 567

    2nd post

    July 5, 2018 by Quirk 567

    Hello~? is anyone here?

    just to say i did one post the past in february, and no one has see it... i just want to talk with everyone and give thoughts and theories about what could happen next, if isn't too much to ask?

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  • Enjoyear

    In fact,it happened last year,but the picture was found the other days.The news was about four new varieties of crape myrtle cultivated by Beijing Forestry University,and one variety was named "Reimu"This event has cause heated discussion at Weibo (a social network site in China).

    Besides, someone has get in touch with related personnel and confirmed that the reason why the flower named "Reimu" is they look resemble. Read more >
  • Cckreations

    Adopt the this wiki

    February 10, 2018 by Cckreations

    I will adopt this wiki due to the inactivity of the admins.

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  • Quirk 567

    My first Blog

    January 29, 2018 by Quirk 567

    Hi, this is my blog, the reason why I created this blog it is cause i am wondering what could be the next epsiode of Hifuu Club Activity Record ~The Sealed Esoteric History~ , mostly beacause a difference of others fanimes of Touhou, this one it's doesn't have a "main" plot, however it's talks about the others charactes and it's backstories, as well how are the lifes of Renko and Maribel in the outside world trying to find Gensokyo.

    Soo the Question is, Who's character backstory, and what plot of Renko and Maribel are going to be in the next episode of Hifuu Club Activity Record?

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  • Maple Kitsune

    Note from tha editor:Do not tell N00bs or some pervs(Chivalrous pervs is fine though...),people from all across tha universe is comin ta tha interwebz on how tha fuck ta git all up in Gensyokyo tha fuck into a realitizzle dat most touhou fandom like our asses have always wanted. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! This type'a shiznit happens all tha time. This could sharply enchizzle yo' erection,fantasies n' paranormal encountas fo' realz. Against that, biatch? Then don't do dat shiznit son! But if you wanna peep yo' waifu or become a thug up in Gensyokyo,wear yo' pantizzles n' give it a gangbangin' finger-lickin' dirty-ass shot!


    Tired of thankin bout havin funk wit Flandre all tha time, biatch? Want ta fuck wit yo' waif…

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  • Maple Kitsune

    Note from the editor:Do not tell N00bs or some pervs(Chivalrous pervs are fine though...),people from all across the universe are coming to the interwebz on how to go to Gensyokyo into a reality that most touhou fandom like us have always wanted. This could sharply enchance your erection,fantasies and paranormal encounters. Against that? Then don't do it! But if you want to see your waifu or become a person in Gensyokyo,wear your panties and give it a shot!


    Tired of thinking about having fun with Flandre all the time? Want to play with your waifu and feel her directly? You can have a permanent residence in Gensyokyo by going there.


    1.You must believe that Gensyokyo exists. Scare a jet black cat in your backyard,pla…

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  • Kirbyfan100


    September 23, 2016 by Kirbyfan100

    I came here from another wiki

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  • Cherryblossomfan1234

    This is my opinion on the Touhou games, old and new, but please no arguing like " PC-98/Windows is better than Windows/PC-98 " if you had an opinion keep it up.

    Highly Responsive to Prayers - The most interesting part of Touhou and the Ying-Yang Orb bouncing is fun btw, somewhat hard.

    The Story of the Eastern World - The more interesting story type. And its more easier to make it a scrolling type.

    Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream - The more fun Touhou game of all PC-98. Also can see what the boss is doing, I hope ZUN did it again.

    Lotus Land History - A great concept, and better screenplay and an interesting idea.

    Mystic Town - One of the best games, I like Alice's old design, which made me miss the old design alot.

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  • Amixime

    Mine are 1. Mystic Square (because of Alice

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  • Konnichiku

    My create.swf movie

    March 6, 2016 by Konnichiku

    Hi! I'm currently creating a movie on create.swf called "Movie Night". In it, the Moriya Shrine holds a movie night, and lots of characters (including Mima, and even Rin Satsuki) come to watch. The movie they're watching is called "Attack of the 50-Foot Parsee", and it's in 5D (like 4D, but way more intense). Of course, like every good movie, something goes awry and the gigantic Parsee comes out of the movie. Will Reimu and friends stop Parsee and hopefully not get eaten? Watch to find out!

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  • Ibuuuki

    Your 3 Favorites?

    December 12, 2015 by Ibuuuki

    Who are your 3 favorites? Mine: 1. Elly

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  • Igor the Mii

    This wiki is dead...?

    September 10, 2015 by Igor the Mii

    I don't see active users. Igor the Mii was here 21:29, September 10, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Killakred

    As the name says this is a page for Matsuri multiplayer. This page was created for the use of the community members who have Touhou Sky Arena Matsuri and wish to play online. After spending hours gathering all the links need for the games I entered the lobby of fly network only to see I was the only player there and when I try to join Hamachi networks it keeps asking me to become a paid member before I can do anything so I decided that I would give you guys the all the link I spent hours finding so we can all play Sky Arena together ok here we go

    Touhou Sky Arena -

    Part 2 -…

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  • 303melosi

    I'm back

    August 28, 2015 by 303melosi


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  • Fluffy Eevee323

    Hello, i got Windows 10 and still have no idea how to run Shuusou Gyoku. DXWnd does not work for me. All I get is a blank little window that disappears after 2 seconds. D3DWindower crashes after I try to use it. Kioh Gyoku and Banshiryuu (Both Versions) work just fine! please help!

    P.S. I need to go through all this trouble because Windows 10 conveniently does not have Windows NT/2000 Compatibility modes :(.

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  • Dellv6n


    May 28, 2015 by Dellv6n
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  • Fluffy Eevee323

    Touhou 14.5

    May 11, 2015 by Fluffy Eevee323

    I just got the game from Moriya Shrine. I try clicking on it, but it does nothing. I try using AppLocale, but it still does nothing! The Touhou 15 demo and the 14.5 demo work just fine! I need help! I use Windows 8.1 64-bit laptop.

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  • 303melosi

    Great news

    April 15, 2015 by 303melosi

    (Urban Legend in Limbo)

    Shinmyoumaru Sukuna

    Fujiwara no Mokou

    (I'll firgue out the new character on May 10th this year)

    May 10th 2015

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  • DarkLiquerice

    Difficult game!

    April 4, 2015 by DarkLiquerice

    Hi there! I am a new user, I hope I'll be fine in this wiki :) I started playing Touhou a week ago, EoSD. And the farthest stage I reached is the beginning of Stage 5. I reached Stage 5 only once. This game is incredibly difficult!!! I can't play without being killed at least once. I always continue, too. I can't do it! I heard that EoSD is one of the most difficult games in the Touhou saga. Maybe it's better if I start with Perfect Cherry Blossom? Give me some advice, please!

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  • BermudaThinkTank

    This is a fanfiction I've been working on and still on going. My actual pen name is BR13 so here is the prologue and chapter 1.

    Disclaimer: I do no own touhou or any games, anime, novel, organization or any references I've made in this fanfiction.

    Prologue: That moment, I pushed someone out of the way of a falling block of cement from some building.

    That the time I lost everything.

    -Am I really going to die…

    Yes you are… But we can give you another chance…

    So, do you want to live or do you want to die?

    -I want to live…

    That was the time when I, Kurokami Mashiro(), a regular human being, died or more so vanished from this world. That was the time I lost everything in exchange for a new life. My memories. My shadow. The only thing I remember is what…

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  • SilconYoukai

    First days going well !

    February 19, 2015 by SilconYoukai

    So I'm very happy to say that my blog on Tumblr seems to be doing well, and my Twitter account seems to have exploded. +/- 50-60 a day follow me and visit my tumblr content. They dont seem to follow me on tumblr but they watch the articles and retweet them even though most of them are Japanese. Tumbr accumulates about 10 followers per day wich brings me to almost 70 followers today in 6 days wich is not bad at all. Good replies, lots of likes and reblogs. Tottally awesome !!

    What would be really nice now is some exclusive content, especially video's so if anyone knows where I could get some cool content thats not readily available online or if your looking for exposure for your Dojin artwork I'd love to help you and share your work.

    In the t…

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  • SilconYoukai

    Marisa on the move

    February 15, 2015 by SilconYoukai

    I started a blog on a couple of social media sites to share my collection of Touhou and Anime fanart, video's and music I come across everyday. The main blog is on Tumblr and I want to update daily with a "Marisa quote of the day", comics and fan-anime series and lots of photo's. You may come across some adult stuff aswell so it's not 4 the little ones okay !

    check it out and send me stuff if you want to contribute. especially subtitled anime is very welcome aswell as PDF comics.

    Here are the pages:

    I'll post here too to keep you updated.

    Silcon out !

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  • 303melosi


    January 24, 2015 by 303melosi
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  • 303melosi

    Fav touhou charater

    December 27, 2014 by 303melosi


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  • CombatArms1101

    Fan Fic Ideas

    December 9, 2014 by CombatArms1101

    I am writing a fanfiction. It is a fighting tournament with 64 characters. If you were to pick any character from the Touhou Project to be put in this story, who would it be? If you guys are interested, I'll post a link to it when I'm finished.

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  • ButterflyMask

    Does anyone know how to unlock the extra stage of CtC? I've looked at all the possible methods I could find, even on wikis, but I've not been able to unlock it at all. If anyone can tell me how, PLEASE do.

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  • Fluffy Eevee323


    November 1, 2014 by Fluffy Eevee323

    How to run shuusou gyoku without crashes? i run it in 2000/NT mode, but its black 4 10 secunds and then crashes. PLZ HElp (WINDOWS 7)

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  • EpicN

    Has anyone read Oriental Sacred Place Chapter 16? I know this sounds weird, but is it possible that Zun made a reference to Kagerou Imaizumi in Chapter 16 of Oriental Sacred Place before her development? I know the location out of bounds, but every description of that wolf seems to match her information.

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  • LuckyEmile


    November 18, 2013 by LuckyEmile

    Hi, Rainbow Dash's number one fan, LuckyEmile here.

    I am a huge fan of Touhou Project, and glad i can be part of this amazing wiki. i am making a fan fiction, which does change a lot of characters, but still. I have got good reviews, so come and check it out:

    hope you like it

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  • Chemi4001

    So the answer is: 6,528,094,766,271,232,976,412,193,482,089

    (without comma seperation) 6528094766271232976412193482089

    Use same method as :

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  • Flandrescarlet123

    im so BORED

    November 13, 2013 by Flandrescarlet123

    okay alot has been going on with my life my mom is crazy and my dad is a drunk/drug addict my sister is a total monster and the angel of the family im the one everyone yells at everything is my fault and i supposely lie I DONT!!! I HATE my life i have no friends in school i have no boyfriend because im too ugly a matter of fact i'll post a picture of myself so you can see WHY IS MY LIFE SO FRIGGIN WRONG!!!! I WANT TO HAVE THE PERFECT LIFE WHERE NOTHING CAN GO WRONG!!!!

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  • MikoReimu

    Hello!...Ugh, Such a boring day today, Broke My gaming computer, Hit My foot, Almost left My Patchy Plushie on the floor for My stupid dog. Such a boring day, Could have been better...

    -MikoReimu, A Boring Person.

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  • Zoey Deathgate

    Sorry, can't finish it, I'll add the other two later...

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  • Chemi4001

    OH YEAH!

    August 27, 2013 by Chemi4001

    On 26/08/2013 After I play touhou DDC(version 1.00b) for 2 times (FIRST time with Shinmyoumaru) Guess what? WHAAAAAAAAAAAARGH WAAARRGH! I BEAT EVERY CHARACTERS ON TOUHOU DDC!@#$%^%!! And my FIRST time I beat touhou series WITHOUT continuing (note: I'm on Easy mode because I tried to beat PCB on Easy mode without game over but It doesn't work) as Seija with Screen-flipping spellcard and Shinmyoumaru with enlarging reimu spellcard seriously ? I got good ending? without continuing? how is that POSSIBLE?

    and now , Just one tthing , I can't beat extra XD XD XD

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  • WeAllLikeOwen&Dakota

    I hope that there is a Genius of Sappheiros 2. With all characters from Hopeless Masquarade and the Previous Game of Genius of Sappheiros Game (excluding Lithos). Same stages except that there could be a new stage in between Magic Forest & Former Hell of Blazing Fires. It could be the stage when you recruit Futo & Miko and it could be the new stage 4. So that means Former Hell of Blazing Fires & Palace of Earth Spirits could be Stages 5 & 6 now, and the Netherworld could be Stage 7, and Mezunika could be Stage 8, etc. There won't be a change to 10, so Stage 10 stays the same, so Stage 9 instead of being Stage 10 will be Stage 11. The Netherworld, Mezunika, & The Stage with flowers could have new BGMs. New Stages could be added in between …

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  • AdventureTimeFan21

    I downloaded SWR English Translation but I can't find any Japanese version I need some help!⑨

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  • 123456asdfgh

    Help meeee~!

    May 28, 2013 by 123456asdfgh

    Hey guys, I'm just having trouble with Touhou 13.5 and Touhou 14 because when I reach the last boss of Touhou 13.5. When we were about to battle the "has stopped working" thing has popped up. Next Touhou 14, whenever I lost a credit/continue, it stop responding. And there is no music I hear. Only the SFX. When I try to pause the game, it is not responding. Help?

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  • Punpunsuan

    Plz visit. This is my first work and I will continue doing subtitles of Touhou project vocal, especially FELT and Iosys. Enjoy! P.S.I'm Thai and I'm not quiet good with english. So, please tell me any mistake that you find in my video. ^_^

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  • Sakenzie98

    Touhou Project.., me, a lunatic fan, so far I created wikias on some characters and a couple offcial games. I listen to thier music ALL THE TIME, and I became so adicted to it. ZUN did a great job, along with Team Shanghai Alice. Two of my favorite characters are Flandre Scarlet and Lily White. It's too bad Shizuha, Minoriko and Medicine are the 3 least popular characters, and this is what upsets me. They need more love. I feel bad for Parsee because she's always jealous. I also feel heart-broken for Yuyuko, who died from a suicide. I understand that she did this in order to seal Saigyou Ayakashi, but this is just sad to hear she died. Anyway, I love Flandre's theme, why? Because it's BOMB! Flandre and Lily should be playable in the next T…

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  • Fluffy Eevee323

    Path B

    April 16, 2013 by Fluffy Eevee323

    Um.. in Imperishable night, how to get to bath b? certain difficulty/character?

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  • Lucky199023


    Une recherche en ligne avec le terme ?robes de soirée plus la taille" vous donnera toujours un certain nombre de différentes robes de consulter et, bien s?r, cela ne signifie pas que vous devez essayer de trouver la robe qui va vous conviennent le mieux. Cela peut effectivement être très difficiles grace à la multiplicité des options, mais simplement en lisant ces quelques conseils, il est à espérer que la vie vient de devenir un peu plus facile.

    Tout d'abord, vous devez penser à la coupe de la robe que différentes coupes vont attirer l'attention sur différentes parties de votre corps et bien pour certaines personnes, cela peut poser un problème. Fondamentalement, une robe de bal va cacher votre ventre et les hanches si elles sont un probl…

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  • David47295

    Intro and Touhou 13.5

    March 16, 2013 by David47295

    Hey guys David47295 here!. Really this is just an intro to myself and I'll talk about Touhou 13.5 as well. I wanted to change the title of my post but apparently I don't have permission to change the title of my own blog. =/ Anyways the reason I joined Touhou Wiki was to help revive some of the dead links in the comics section. Most or pretty much all of them were dead since the links were ancient. The format of the Mediafire links were from the early 2000's easily. Anyways I decided to download a torrent with a bunch of comics and I'm trying to upload all of them to Mediafire and revive the links. If anyone has any suggestions for comics that you want me to ipload I'll try and find them. =D Anyways thoughts on Touhou 13.5: Hopeless Masque…

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  • SilconYoukai

    I'm currently working on a Touhou style danmaku for Android. It would be cool to find some experienced Java/Android developers interested in building out the game since I'm not the greatest programmer. However I'm an excellent graphics artist and know my way around music and effects aswell. I've got a design document halfway ready.

    The concept is the following: You start as either Reimu or Marisa with their standard weapons, when killing enemies and bosses you gain credits, with these you can buy/unlock more characters and their weapons, you can then equip weapons from other characters. Theres also a shield option to keep you from dying (for a bit ;)

    If anyone thinks he or she could contribute to this the source (so far) is on github: https:…

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  • SilconYoukai

    Hey Gensokyo residents,

    I found this album on youtube, it has some excellent remixes of some Touhou masterpieces on it.

    You can get it fro free here:

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  • Fluffy Eevee323

    Touhou 6

    February 4, 2013 by Fluffy Eevee323

    Hello. I want to get the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. I downloaded it from a website and it saved it as a WinRAR file. Please find a site that saves it as a game, not a WinRAR, because I don't understand WinRAR. Please help!!!

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  • Flandre Utsuho

    Ok, before I type my story, I KNOW that you all have herd of Eirin, right? Well... this is a story that I made all about her life. (WARNING: There might be some typos and at some points the plot might not make sence [sorry] ENJOY!)

    The Gensokyo Millennium

    Chapter One: The Beginning of the Millennium to come There I stood, gazing at the moon as its light was reflected just below my feet, thinking about what medicine I shall make tomorrow. I’ve already created so many different medicines like the Hourai Elixir, which will make whomever who drinks upon it, immortal. I can’t think of any new ideas. Maybe if I was just a normal human being that has been on Earth and in Gensokyo for all my life, just maybe I would have an idea, but instead I have…

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  • Russjohnson09

    Right now I am looking for other Java programmers who have not yet graduated and are looking for things to add to their portfolio. I would like to create a simple danmaku game and I felt this might be a good place to ask for help. Now that I think about it, I guess we may also need someone to do some artwork for us. This would just be a small project that would not be expected to make money, but simply something that may look good on your resume.

    I am thinking that me and my partner will use Libgdx as our game development framework. It will allow us to test our game as a desktop application before we deploy it for Android.

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  • VS3025

    13.5TH Touhou Project

    October 5, 2012 by VS3025

    Touhou 13.5

    Personal reaction:

    Another fighter! I love them because so many characters are playable.

    Here's to hoping we see some characters from 12 present. Ten Desires characters can stay home. I'd write more but I have to go to work! --VS3025 (talk) 11:25, October 5, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Kheldragar

    New idea

    October 1, 2012 by Kheldragar

    Instead of procrastinating by playing Victoria II and SWTOR, I can waste the early hours of my day editing the wiki because I am the best editor EVER.

    Okay, I have no experience.

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