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This page lists the various entities that live in Gensokyo. Click on a specific link for more information, and check out Perfect Memento in Strict Sense for a canon explanation of these terms.

Bestiary List[]

  • Celestial - Former humans who gained immortality and ascended to heaven, and those who attained enlightenment and entered Nirvana.
  • Devil - A mighty race that inhabits Gensokyo, mostly in the Makai.
  • Doll - An artificial object most often of small size and with human/humanoid appearance.
  • Dragon - The highest-order god of Gensokyo. Both humans and youkai worship him, due his capability of creating and destroying anything.
  • Evil Spirit - Spirits stolen away by youkai.
  • Fairy - A simple creature of magic that represents some aspect of nature
  • Ghost - Humans that die and cannot rest in peace.
  • Hakutaku - A mythical, spiritual beast, said to advise only kings of virtue.
  • Human - Similar, yet different from the humans of our world.
  • Kappa - A type of water sprite that lives in rivers.
  • Kedama - A white ball of fur.
  • Kitsune - Fox youkai known for their intelligence and magic powers.
  • Lunarian - Inhabitants of the Moon.
  • Magician - People who have mastered powerful magic. They can be human or youkai.
  • Maid - A legendary creature of unimaginable destructive power.
  • Nekomata - A cat youkai associated with necromancy and shamanism.
  • Night Sparrow - A folk legend from Western Japan.
  • Nyuudou - Youkai that has bald head or Buddhist monk's shape.
  • Oni - Creatures with incredible strength and power. They also enjoy the occasional drink.
  • Phantom - Similar to ghosts, but not necessarily the spirit of a dead person.
  • Poltergeist - Similar to ghosts and phantoms, see the article for more detail.
  • Rabbit - Youkai that come in both Earth and Moon flavors.
  • Satori (Youkai) - Youkai with the power to read thoughts.
  • Shikigami - A summoned spirit, created to protect and serve their master.
  • Shinigami - A death god, similar to the concept of the Grim Reaper in the west, but with a multitude of roles.
  • Shrine Maiden - Reimu & Sanae.
  • Tengu - Human looking youkai that come in a variety of different forms.
  • Vampire - Youkai whose diet consists of human blood.
  • Wind Priestess - Priestesses to the wind god who use their powers to summon things like wind and rain.
  • Yama - A judge of the deceased.
  • Youkai - Broadly defined as any creature with supernatural powers.
  • Yuki-onna - Youkai associated with winter.