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Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red - 本書について

Original to this book: The No.1 information specialist of the Gensokyo, Shameimaru Aya is here!

With Aya's original insight, the 32 hugely popular characters are taken apart and examined.

Of course, the text is written anew exclusively by the original creator, ZUN.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt

TH09 Aya
The Traditional Reporter of Fantasy

Aya Shameimaru

Species: Crow Tengu

Ability: Manipulation of wind

A tengu who has been in Gensokyo for over 1000 years, when oni were still around.
Her origin is a crow. She has the ability to manipulate wind.
Her character is honest but not rigid. She is polite to strong people, and deals more firmly with weak people. However, she is always polite when conducting an interview.
Although her powers are among the top class in Gensokyo, she never uses them just to show off. This isn't only a characteristic of hers, but of tengu in general.

She usually lives on a mountain where the wind always moves at the same speed and the same direction. She loves gossip and is always gathering information exchanged with her fellow tengu. During any exchange, information is warped, and almost all of their stories end up exaggerated.

She is the biggest connoisseur of rumors about the girls of Gensokyo among the tengu. Through observing for herself and collecting information from colleagues, barely a moment passes when she isn't obtaining material. However, much of her material is mingled with rumor.

She writes up her non-periodical newspaper, Bunbunmaru News, and distributes it among the tengu. It's a newspaper chock-full of rumors.

As the current disaster started up, the tengu were overjoyed. There was much new material to be obtained, based on which they can write up their newspapers.

Mountain of Faith - キャラ設定.txt

The Tengu Closest to the Village

Aya Shameimaru

Species: Crow Tengu
Ability: Power to Control Wind

A news reporter on the Youkai Mountain. A tengu who typically writes local news stories about the girls of Gensokyo.

This time around, she got word from the white wolf tengu that an intruder had entered the mountain. Normally, the white wolf tengu are charged by the great tengu with patrolling the mountain, and conducting negotiations and defensive operations.

However, in this case, the great tengu decided to call on this member of the information media to conduct negotiations. Cocking her head to one side in doubt, she headed to the scene of the event, where her confusion was immediately dispelled.

The intruder was one of the girls she was always covering in her newspaper.

In other words, the great tengu understood that Aya had the most in-depth knowledge of the intruder, and had the best chance of being told outright what the intruder's aim was.

Aya went easy on the intruder, put on a show of vigorously defending herself, and purposefully lost. After all, if she let the intruder enter the mountain without putting up a fight, she would likely be suspected of being an accomplice to the humans.

Aya pretended to lose to the humans, and guided them to the mysterious shrine that had appeared recently. She reported to her superiors that the intruders had no business with the tengu society, but were instead interested in the troublesome, enigmatic shrine that had appeared of late.

The great tengu took in her report, and then commended Aya for turning around a potential threat into an opportunity.
He then ordered the underling Inubashiri to continue her observation of the humans by going to investigate the mysterious god.

According to Inubashiri's report, the mysterious god and the humans had waged battle, but it was truly a playful event where the two parties seemed to be enjoying themselves. Their respective personalities were bright, and their heads kept level. There was little, if any, real danger - rather, by pursuing a friendly relationship with the shrine, the youkai of the mountain might be better off in the end.

After that, the chief of the tengu, Lord Tenma, entered into secret negotiations with the mountain god.
The details of their discussions were not made public, but it was made known that they had agreed to share the mountain with each other and pursue friendly relations.

Since then, the tengu and the kappa came to have faith in their new god.
Though, it was really more of an agreement to all celebrate together than a matter of faith.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - おまけ.txt

The Traditional Reporter of Fantasy

Aya Shameimaru

Race: Tengu (Crow)
Place of residence: The Youkai Mountain
Ability: The Power to control the Wind

   Or, perhaps it would be better to say her movement is the wind.
   She rides the wind, listens to the wind, and can cause wind whenever she pleases.

She's also good at collecting the wind's rumors.

Personality: very intelligent, and courteous towards others. Non-combative.

   Her mental faculties are extremely sharp, and turns thoughts about in her
   head much more quickly than humans.
   It's very difficult to tell what she's thinking. On top of that, she changes
   her mannerisms to match whoever she's with, so nobody feels entirely comfortable
   around her.

   She doesn't particularly like to fight, but she tends to pick fights a lot. However,
   not many can really challenge her, so few take her up on it, and she has to just
   let them be.

Subterranean Animism - キャラ設定.txt

The Traditional Reporter of Fantasy

Aya Shameimaru

Species: tengu
Ability: power to control wind

A tengu reporter who lives on the mountain.

She heard that the kappa and the gods of the mountain were up to something, so she went off to report on it; it turned out that the mystery was connected to the underground world.

She figured she could greatly increase her circulation if she wrote a story about it, so she used Reimu to investigate.
As a tengu, she wanted to avoid actually going underground.

Hidden Star in Four Seasons trial - omake.txt

The Tengu who Scatters Autumn Leaves

Aya Shameimaru

Species: Tengu
Ability: Capable of manipulating wind

A tengu newspaper reporter.

She's been doing news reporting in various places, so she clued in to the strange weather right away.
These clearly aren't your average cool summers or heat waves, but in every case, the cause is concealed.
She perceived something artificial about this abnormalcy-- but will that intuition prove true in the end?

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