東方文果真報 ~ Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia is an official Touhou book released on March 30, 2017. It is presented as Aya Shameimaru's attempt to create a tabloid magazine in the style of those from the Outside World, which she eventually cancelled and left unpublished. The book features in-universe articles, interviews and advertisements similar to the earlier Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, but in a significantly more chaotic and haphazard format. In fact, the magazine Bunbunharu Weekly or "Chuuni (中二) follows the name and design of Chuuni (中二), a notorious high-circulation tabloid published weekly in Japan.


Details regarding the book, including its release date, were announced in the 3rd volume of Strange Creators of Outer World. Preorders opened shortly after.

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MangaDex: Touhou Bunka Shinpou ~ Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia.

Released by Reality Dreamers.

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