水性すらいむ (Japanese: Suisei-suraimu, meaning "aquatic slime" and often abbreviated to Slime) is a Japanese Touhou player most notable for making the 620 million Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Extra run, as well as several impressive Mountain of Faith Hard mode runs scoring up to 1.95 billion.

Despite being seemingly flawless, Slime's EoSD Extra run was beaten by OOSAKA on 2008/11/24. OOSAKA had a slightly lower score in the main stage, but managed to make up for that with a 8.5+ million gain during the fight with Flandre, resulting in a net improvement of almost 7 million. Slime's highest MoF score has similarly been beaten by coa, who managed to improve it further to a 2.0 billion mark.

Slime plays most Windows Touhou games on a very good level, although not always strictly competitively. As such, he/she seems to be attracted by unpopular categories.

Judging from the unusually high amount of English words coming from him/her on Japanese scoreboards and such, Slime knows English to some extent.

As of October 2008, Slime is playing Subterranean Animism, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and Gyakuten Saiban 3.

Notable player records

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Extra Marisa-B 620,862,040 (#3) 2008/08/22
Mountain of Faith Hard Reimu-A 1,949,611,900 (#2) 2008/09/23
Hard Reimu-B 1,913,298,930 (#3) 2008/06/14


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