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東方アゲハ (Touhou Ageha) - Touhou Swallowtail Butterfly



  • The name of this album is a parody of Little Devil Swallowtail (小悪魔ageha), which is a highly popular magazine for gals (that is, fashion-conscious teens).
  • Track 1 is a parody of Queen's "We Will Rock You".
  • Sections of Track 2 parody the song "Danjo" by Tarou.
  • Track 3 is a parody of group "Pendulum" songs.
  • Track 4's title appears to be a multi-level pun that defies full, proper translation. エクスクラメーション is simply "exclamation", but クラクラ ("kurakura") means "dizzy" and ラメー ("rame~") is a slurred version of "dame" typically shouted in a moment of ecstasy, when the person is so turned on she can't even speak properly. And since this involves Tenshi the Masochist, well...
  • Track 5 was taken from Chaos Flare.
  • Track 6 was taken from cradle2.


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