あきすて (Japanese: Akisute, romanized as AKST) is a very peculiar Japanese Touhou player. Having mainly been a visitor of various tournament events (since at least 2005), Akisute rarely uses the actual Japanese scoreboards. However, in these rare cases, the scores uploaded by this player demolish any competition due to unexpectedly high level of character handling and depth of research on the scoring opportunities at the time. Because of that, he/she was a unique Touhou player whose records haven't been beaten by anyone else for years. However, the domination streak ended on 2008/04/03, when KWS overtook AKST's Imperishable Night Easy-B record. A year later another blow was delivered by かがみん, who improved AKST's Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Normal/Marisa-A score by as much as 175k points, later taking the rest of his EoSD records.

あきすて has also been seen participating in various IaMP tourneys.

Notable player records

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Normal Reimu-B 303,588,720 (#2) 2006/05/20
Normal Marisa-A 265,345,680 (#3) 2008/03/05
Normal Marisa-B 280,833,900 (#2) 2007/12/13
Imperishable Night Easy-A Youmu 2,652,218,730 (WR) 2006/01/29 Accumulated point item value is 713,620.
Easy-B Youmu 3,085,334,920 (#2) 2005/04/07 Accumulated point item value is 744,020.
Normal-B Youmu 4,258,412,820 (WR) 2005/10/20 Accumulated point item value is 934,380.
Hard-B Youmu 5,029,556,090 (WR) 2006/06/17 No-miss; accumulated point item value is 1,127,510.
Subterranean Animism Normal Reimu-C 1,012,485,120 (#2) 2008/11/06 34,379 graze.
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