Играбельные Персонажи

Basic Performance
Normal Speed: Medium
Focused Speed: Slow
Initial Bombs: 3
Cherry loss from bombs: Low (16.5% - 21.6%)
Special Characteristics
Small hit box.
Reaction time for using a bomb to negate a hit is long.
Reimu Type A
霊符 追尾タイプ (Spirit Sign, Pursuit Type)
At Normal Speed:
Shot: 「ホーミングアミュレット」 ("Homing Amulet")
Bomb: 「夢想封印 散」 ("Fantasy Seal -Spread-")
At Focused Speed:
Shot: 「博麗アミュレット」 ("Hakurei Amulet")
Bomb: 「夢想封印 集」 ("Fantasy Seal -Concentrate-")
Reimu Type B
夢符 速射タイプ (Dream Sign, Rapid-Fire Type)
At Normal Speed:
Shot: 「パスウェイジョンニードル」 ("Persuasion Needle")
Bomb: 「封魔陣」 ("Evil Sealing Circle")
At Focused Speed:
Shot: 「エクスターミネーション」 ("Extermination")
Bomb: 「二重結界」 ("Duplex Barrier")

普通の黒魔術少女 (Ordinary Black-Magic Girl)
Marisa Kirisame

Basic Performance
Normal Speed: Fast
Focused Speed: Medium
Initial Bombs: 2
Cherry loss from bombs: High (30.0% - 40.5%)
Special Characteristics
The point-of-collection boundary is low.
The height where items have their maximum value is low.
Marisa Type A
魔符 威力重視タイプ (Magic Sign, Power-Oriented Type)
At Normal Speed:
Shot: 「マジックミサイル」 ("Magic Missile")
Bomb: 「スターダストレヴァリエ」 ("Stardust Reverie")
At Focused Speed:
Shot: 「マジックナパーム」 ("Magic Napalm")
Bomb: 「ミルキーウェイ」 ("Milky Way")
Marisa Type B
恋符 貫通タイプ (Love Sign, Penetration Type)
At Normal Speed:
Shot: 「ストリームレーザー」 ("Stream Laser")
Bomb: 「ノンディレクショナルレーザー」 ("Non-Directional Laser")
At Focused Speed:
Shot: 「イリュージョンレーザー」 ("Illusion Laser")
Bomb: 「マスタースパーク」 ("Master Spark")
  • 完全で瀟洒な従者 (Perfect and Elegant Maid)
    Sakuya Izayoi

Basic Performance
Normal Speed: Medium
Focused Speed: Fast
Initial Bombs: 4
Cherry loss from bombs: Medium (25.8% - 28.8%)
Special Characteristics
Large graze-box.
The amount of cherry points lost when hit is less.
Sakuya Type A
幻符 攻撃範囲重視タイプ (Illusion Sign, Attack-Range-Oriented Type)
At Normal Speed:
Shot: 「ジャック・ザ・ルドビレ」 ("Jack the Ludo Bile")
(Ludo bile (лудо биле) is a Bulgarian slang for belladonna (Беладона). Ludo bile means "mad herb".)
Bomb: 「インディスクリミネイト」 ("Indiscriminate")
At Focused Speed:
Shot: 「ジャック・ザ・リッパー」 ("Jack the Ripper")
Bomb: 「殺人ドール」 ("Killer Doll")
Sakuya Type B
時符 特殊タイプ (Time Sign, Tricky Type)
At Normal Speed:
Shot: 「ミスディレクション」 ("Misdirection")
Bomb: 「パーフェクトスクウェア」 ("Perfect Square")
At Focused Speed:
Shot: 「パワーディレクション」 ("Power Direction")
Bomb: 「プライベートスクウェア」 ("Private Square")

Boss Characters

  • 氷の妖怪 (Youkai of the Ice)

The midboss of Stage 1, Cirno says hello with a small flurry of icicles. Her power over cold seems rather weak today. Maybe it's because everyone is used to the winter chill by now and is dressed for the occasion.
The boss of Stage 1, Letty is a youkai of the winter season, and is happy but slightly troubled to see winter lasting as long as it has. As a youkai that can only exist during winter, she appears to you as a possible mastermind behind the delay of spring. Her attacks consist of snowball barrages and icy winds.
  • 凶兆の黒猫 (Black Cat of Evil Omens)

The boss of Stage 2, Chen is the acting guardian of Mayohiga, and attempts to chase you away, even though you only ended up there because you got lost in the snow. As a nekomata, she has cat-like speed and agility, which she uses to misdirect you in battle. She also seems to like spinning a lot.
The boss of Stage 3, Alice gets shot down. Marisa is a magician by occupation, but Alice is actually part of the magician race. She is a doll collector and although her dolls seem to be living they are in fact being managed by her with strings of magic.
  • 春を運ぶ妖精 (Fairy Herald of Spring)
    Lily White

The midboss of Stage 4, Lily gets shot down with a vengeance.
Ghost orchestra. The lastborn Layla made this Poltergeist. She is the eldest daughter of the ghost orchestra (Prismriver sisters).
Ghost orchestra. The lastborn Layla made this Poltergeist. There are symptoms of mania in her and she is the second daughter.
Ghost orchestra. The lastborn Layla made this Poltergeist. She is cunning and stirs up her sisters but avoids fighting herself.
The boss of Stage 5, Gardener of Hakugyokurou. She is also the fencing teacher of Yuyuko.
  • 幽冥楼閣の亡霊少女 (Departed maiden of the pavilion of dark and light)
    Yuyuko Saigyouji

The boss of the Final Stage, Yuyuko is the Master of Hakugyokurou. After dying, the character changed. It dies manages. There is a ghost cherry blossoms Saigyou Ayakasi lower part dead body.
  • すきま妖怪の式 (The Youkai's Summon)
    Ran Yakumo

The boss of the Extra Stage, Ran gets shot down.
  • 神隠しの主犯 (The one behind the spiriting-away)
    Yukari Yakumo

The boss of the Phantasm Stage, Yukari gets shot down.

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