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上白沢 慧音(かみしらさわ けいね)
Kamishirasawa Keine
Камиширасава Кейне

Альтернативные варианты:

Камисирасава Кэйнэ


Хакутаку (оборотень).


Может изменять историю.




Учитель, Защищает деревню людей от ёкаев.

Место жительства:

Деревня людей.


  • (Форма человека) Коричневые глаза, длинные серебряные волосы с синим отблеском. Синее платье и шапочка украшенные красными бантами.
  • (Форма хакутаку) Красные глаза, серебряные волосы с зеленым отблеском. Темно-зеленое платье. Два рога (на левом красный бант).

Взаимоотношения с иными персонажами:


  • Imperishable Night (МидБосс 3 уровня, Босс 3 уровня, МидБосс Экстра уровня).

Во время событий происходящих в Imperishable Night, Кейне почувствовала, что луна стала поддельной. И для безопасности людей спрятала деревню, как будто деревни никогда и не было. Тем самым защитив людей от атак ёкаев. После поражения, Кейне, указывает героиням на тех, кто может быть ответственным за поддельную луну. Позже, на экстра уровне, Кейне встает на защиту Фудживары Моко.

Кейне сильно желает защитить людей и вероятно она безвредна для окружающих людей. (Keine seems to have a strong desire to protect humans and would probably be the safest person in Gensokyo for any human to be around.)

Fun Facts

  • The kanji characters for Keine translate loosely to «Wise sound» while Kamishirasawa literally means «Upper stream of a white valley.» However, the Kamishirasawa kanji can be read as «ue-hakutaku» and so likely a pun by ZUN when he named the «Were-Hakutaku» character.
  • «Keine» is also a declensional form of the German word of negative article or negative determiner as «no» in «No one shall sleep tonight». Although the two words are pronounced differently, Keine’s name used in this manner may also be a reference to her ability to negate history.
  • Большинство её спелл-карт основаны на истории феодальной Японии. (are based on the history of the Emperor of Japan.)
  • Some members of the Touhou community have jested that Keine’s hat resembles a bento box.
  • Keine is the owner, and history teacher of the Human Village's school.
  • In some fan works, Keine is referred to as a cow (complete with milk jokes), due to her appearance in hakutaku form.
  • Etymology of CAVED!!!!
    • The word horu in Japanese means to dig, but also to have gay sex (or something). A meme started on 2ch where when someone wrote something that contained the phrase "horu, " they would be summarily raped by EX-Keine. «Horu» got wordfiltered to «caved!!!!!!!!» in English translations, and so you get «I got CAVED by EX-Keine!!!!!!!!»

Official Profiles

Imperishable Night Demo — おまけ.txt

 ○上白沢 慧音(かみしらさわ けいね)




Keine Kamishirasawa

Stage 3 boss. Half human, half beast. Has the ability to conceal/erase histories, or to create them.

The first two abilities belong to her human form, the last to her beast form. She's usually in her human form, so that is her "true form". She transforms into a hakutaku during the full moon, at which time all information is known to her. When the full moon disappears, she feels a little sick to her stomach.

Ever a friend of the humans, she protects them from Gensokyo's many youkai. There is not one thing about the history of Gensokyo that she does not know.

Imperishable Night — キャラ設定.txt

Keine Kamishirasawa

○3面ボス 歴史喰い

  上白沢 慧音(かみしらさわ けいね)

  Keine Kamishirasawa











Stage 3 Boss, History Eater

Keine Kamishirasawa

Species: Were-hakutaku

Abilities: Able to conceal, erase and create histories

Keine looks like an ordinary human most of the time, but transforms into a hakutaku under the light of the full moon. In human form, she can only conceal histories, but in hakutaku form, she has full control over every aspect of Gensokyo's history and can create new histories at will.

When she first noticed an abnormality in the moon, she decided to seal a nearby Human Village during the night in order to protect it from youkai.

She devoured the village's history to make it invisible.

Although Keine is not human, she loves humans and always tries to help them. She only uses her ability when it would benefit humans.

Book Synopsis

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Main article: Article and Interview: Keine

Не перевели.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

Main article: Perfect Memento: Keine Kamishirasawa
  • Keine is the wisest of the half-beasts.
  • Upon seeing the full moon, she will transform into a hakutaku.
  • She was not born a were-hakutaku, though.
  • A hakutaku is a youkai which appears to virtuous rulers to guide them.
  • She can erase history while human and create history while a hakutaku.
  • The history of Gensokyo is that which is created by her. Things don’t become history merely by happening, they must be made history.
  • This history is later passed on to the Hieda family.
  • Keine runs a school in the village. However, the village children think her lessons are boring.
  • She is edgy on the night of the full moon, since she has a lot of work to do.
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