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稗田 阿求(ひえだのあきゅう)

Hieda no Akyu

Alternate spellings:

Akyuu Hieda




Able to remember anything she sees


over 1200 years old, but still only about 10 years old in her current incarnation




人間の里, Hieda house


  • Purple hair and eyes, wears a light pink flower-shaped ornament in her hair which matches flowers on her sleeves. Her outfit resembles a "wa lolita" type or a Japanese-esque maid outfit. It has yellow flower-patterned sleeves, a green vest, and a shortened hakama skirt separated by a red, white laced obi.



(Music CDs)




She is the current "Child of Miare" (御阿礼の子), who is born in the Hieda family once in every few hundred years with the ability to "not forget anything she sees" and record Gensokyo's history. She seems to like red tea and FM Synthesis music.

Despite her young age, her memory goes back 1200 years. It is because every "Child of Miare" of the Hieda family is a reincarnation of the previous "Child of Miare", who inherits the memories of the previous incarnates. She is the ninth reincarnation in the line. It seems that no one but herself and Yukari know this, though she does mention part of it to Reimu during Memorizable Gensokyo. Each time she reincarnates her life span gets shorter and shorter, and each Child of Miare works on a written record of Gensokyo's history called the Gensokyo Chronicle. Perfect Memento in Strict Sense is the edition of this record that Akyu is writing.

Fun Facts 編集

  • "Akyu" is probably a pun on the Japanese word for 'nine' which is read as "kyuu" (since she is the ninth Child of Miare). Hieda means "millet field".
  • The "Miare" in "Child of Miare" presumably refers to Hieda no Are (稗田阿礼), the oral historian credited with helping compile the Kojiki, Japan's first written historical record.
  • As seen in the Colophon of Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, the names of Akyu's previous incarnations as Children of Miare (Aichi, Ani, Ami, Ayo, Ago, Amu, Anana and Aya) are all puns on numbers, with Are standing for zero (零, rei).
  • She has a vague resemblance to the midboss fairy of Lotus Land Story's fourth stage and Mystic Square's third stage.

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