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Momiji Inubashiri


犬走 椛(いぬばしり もみじ)
Momiji Inubashiri

Alternate spellings:

Momizi Inubashiri




Power to see great distances


Unknown, but "Especially Long-Lived"


Patrols and guards Youkai Mountain




  • (Touhou 10) Wears a white, long-sleeved shirt and a large black skirt. Has short white hair and a red Tokin. Carries a large scimitar-like sword and a white, round shield with a red maple leaf print on it.





When the heroine finally reached Youkai Mountain during Mountain of Faith Momiji attempted to stop her at the waterfall. Although Momiji was unsuccessful, it seems she did fulfill her duty of reporting the intruder's presence back to the other Tengu with record speed as a reinforcement Tengu had arrived by the end of the same stage to investigate what was going on.

Later Momiji observed the final battles between the heroine and the newly appeared shrine and its god, apparently without being noticed by any of them.

Fun Facts編集


Cameo appearance in Oriental Sacred Place.

  • "Inubashiri" literally means "dog running". It can also refer to the dirt path outside of castle ramparts used for patrols.
  • "Momiji" is one of several Japanese names for maple trees. It can also mean "birch".
  • Because Momiji is a white wolf tengu, even though some early fanworks showed her looking indistinguishable from a human, it has become common to depict her with a wolf's ears and tail. Her eyes are often shown to be red, to fit in with the colors of her costume. She is also drawn in fan art wearing an outfit with long sleeves that are detached from the rest of her shirt, such as the sleeves that Reimu and Sanae wear.
    • This is official to an extent as she is depicted with detached sleeves and wolf ears in the first chapter of Oriental Sacred Place (see right).
  • Since her profile (see below) says "she has a very cooperative personality and executes her duties faithfully," most fan works depict her as acting like a loyal, affectionate puppy.
    • Aya's spell card comments in Double Spoiler, however, contradict this personality somewhat, as Aya comments that she and Momiji tend to easily get into fights whenever they meet. Aya also comments that Momiji looks down upon the Crow Tengu. The remarks note that she still serves the Great Tengu faithfully. It should also be noted that fellow crow tengu Hatate's spell card comments suggest that this might be a more personal feud between Momiji and Aya. Hatate herself seems to hold Momiji in high regard.
  • Her profile says she plays Dai Shōgi, a game similar to chess, with the Kappa. Because of that, some fans think that she personally knows Nitori while taking a break from her job.
  • Momiji's wolf-like appearance may be a reference to the Tiangou, a Chinese version of a Tengu that are described to be more dog-like.

Official Profiles編集

Mountain of Faith - キャラ説明.txt編集


 ○4面中ボス 下っ端哨戒天狗
  犬走 椛(いぬばしり もみじ)






The Petty Patrol Tengu
Momiji Inubashiri

Species: White Wolf Tengu
Ability: Power to see great distances

A tengu that patrols the Youkai Mountain. Thanks to her superior senses of sight and smell, she can detect any intruder in an instant. When she discovers intruders she attempts to intimidate them with simple attacks, and reports those who aren't immediately bested to the great tengu lord.

Her forces are usually lying in wait behind the waterfall. She has a very cooperative personality and executes her duties faithfully. This is unusual for youkai, but not uncommon in tengu society.

However, she usually has a lot of free time, as the Youkai Mountain doesn't receive many intruders. While awaiting orders, she enjoys playing a rather time-consuming game called Dai shogi with the nearby kappa.

It's hard for the especially long-lived youkai to find good ways to pass the time.

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