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比那名居 天子(ひななゐ てんし)(♫)

Tenshi Hinanai

Alternate spellings:

Tenshi Hinanawi




Manipulation of Land and Weather








  • (Touhou 10.5) Dark red eyes, long blue hair. Wears a blue dress and blue shoes, carries an apron on her dress. Wears a black hat decorated with peaches.
  • (Touhou 10.5, alternate outfit) Dress, hat, and shoes are red instead of blue, her blouse and apron are pink, and her hair is red-orange.





Tenshi is the "final" boss for most of the characters in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and the "Eldest Daughter" of the Hinanai clan (as referred to by Iku Nagae) that resides in Heaven. Due to the boring life in Heaven of constant drinking and relaxation, Tenshi decides to cause a disaster by gathering the thought energy of everyone in Gensokyo in the form of scarlet clouds, threatening an earthquake. Her true intent is to resolve her boredom by attracting others to resolve the incident. This disruption causes a preliminary tremor, which wrecks Reimu Hakurei's shrine, causing several events to unfold from there. Eventually, Tenshi rebuilds Reimu's shrine.

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  • The characters in her name literally mean Hi or "compare, comparative, rather", the former na is "many, comfort, calm", the latter na "name, authority", i "be, live", and ten "sky, heaven", and shi, which is a common ending for girl's names meaning "child". So the literal meaning of her name is "The child of heaven, from the calm family which bears authority".
But there is another possible meaning. Her name includes hina and nai. The meaning of Hina isn't clear, but the official profile says the Hinanai clan served the Nai clan in their life, so hina could mean "young chicken, small" (雛). In ancient times, na could have meant "ground", i or wi could have meant "be, exist, live in", the compound nai or nawi "foundation, basement" (the ground on which we stand), and naifuru was an ancient word for "to have a earthquake" (for the ground on which we stand to be shaken), which you can find on Nihon Shoki. As time passed, people changed "naifuru" to "for an earthquake to occur", then "nai" came to mean simply "earthquake". So her name means "The child of heaven, from the small family serving the Nai clan, who are in charge of earthquakes".
  • Her profile mentions "Oomura no Kami" and "Nai clan". In fact, there is the Nai Shrine (名居神社) in Nabari City, and the Oomura Shrine (大村神社) in Iga City, both in Mie Prefecture. The former shrine stands in Shimo-hinachi (下比奈知), and the latter has the Keystone and the Statue of Catfish as goshintai.
  • Sometimes Tenshi's first name can also be read as "Tenko": when the fans were speculating about new charcters on Touhou Project Board before the release of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, an anonymous poster jokingly uploaded an image that supposedly listed all the names of the characters including that of an unknown character, "緋想 天子" (engl. Tenko Hisou) in the middle. This name was too obvious; adding the most common Japanese suffix for girls' names, "-ko", after the title "Hisouten". The name was from then on adopted as a tentative name for the final boss, because such an obvious name sounded very funny. Surprisingly, it turned out that she has those same characters in her first name, "天子", but a different pronunciation, "Tenshi".
    • As a result of this, Tenko has been a fan nickname for her, and she sometimes participates in Ran Yakumo's Suppa Tenko running gag.
  • Many also refer to her as simply "Peaches," for obvious reasons. The Japanese nickname is "Momoko."
  • The peaches on her hat are also depicted in fanworks to be her source of power.
  • Due to her apparent eagerness to be beaten up by the other characters in SWR's story mode (with dialogue lines such as "Yes, get angry! Because if you don't punish me, Gensokyo shall be no more!"), she has gained a reputation as a masochist. Probably that is why her masochistic feeling of ecstasy is called, instead of "zecchou", "uchouten"(有頂天), which should originally means one's bad mind, "be in excessive glory".
    • As a result, she often appears along with Yuka Kazami in some fanworks.
  • Tenshi when written as "天子" can also mean "the emperor", being the son of heaven.
  • Tenshi in Japanese can also mean "angel" (天使), a likely reference to her being a Celestial, and an ironic use of the word (considering Tenshi's actual character) by ZUN, in line with the other lampooning of Heaven and Heavenly beings within Touhou.
  • That said, if Perfect Memento's article can be taken as a guide, Tenshi was a human and is now referred to as a Celestial, per the Character profile in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.
  • Tenshi's weapons include innumerable danmaku keystones of various sizes and her shape-shifting sword Hisou no Tsurugi.
  • While Tenshi is called a Tennin (天人) many of the mythological references Tenshi makes are those of the Tenbu (天部, Deva in sanskrit) In Buddhism, Deva are humans that have achieved enlightment and in Scarlet Wheather Rhapsody, Tenshi mentions the five signs of death of a Deva. Deva's are also known to be mortal in Buddhism, living long lives, but still remaining part of the circle of life and death. This too, ties in with the events in Komachi's SWR scenario. Considering earlier references by ZUN to the Tennin (such as several of Youmu's spellcards in PCB) both Tenbu and Tennin are the same in Gensokyo.
  • One of her color palettes in Hitsoutensoku resembles Renko.

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  比那名居 天子(ひななゐ てんし)








   比那名居 地子(ちこ)は名居守に遣えていた親のついでに天人になった

















Girl of the Highest Heaven (*)
Tenshi Hinanai

(*) "非想非非想天" (Hisou-hihisou-ten, Naiva-saṃjñā-nāsaṃjñā-yatana) is the highest plane of the Buddhist heaven. It's shortened to "非想天" (Hisouten), and also known as "有頂天" (Uchouten, Bhava-agra or Bhavāgra).

Species: Mostly-Failed Celestial

A delinquent celestial living in the heavens.

The Hinanai clan used to be a family of priests who were tasked to protect the Keystone, which kept earthquakes under control.

However, even with the Hinanai keystone, earthquakes occurred rather often. They occurred so often that it went out of the hands of Oomura-no-Kami, a celestial who was in charge of earthquakes at that time, so the Nai clan, who had been serving the celestials, was ordered to take over the job around the Gensokyo area.

The Nai clan was a family of surface priests, but was later enshrined as divine spirits in a small shrine beside a mountain lake known as Nai-no-Kami. The Nai-no-Kami still watches after Gensokyo quietly.

At the same time, the Hinanai clan was transferred to heaven as a reward for serving Nai-no-Kami when it was still alive.

However, unlike other celestials, the Hinanais became celestials only by serving Nai-no-Kami; that is, not through training. So they didn't have the reputation expected of celestials, and some even called them "bad" celestials.

When the Hinanais became celestials, their daughter Chiko Hinanai followed them to be a celestial, even though she was only a mere girl.

Chiko renamed herself Tenshi when she moved to heaven. She was not satisfied with how she was treated in heaven, and often looked at Gensokyo with jealousy toward the humans and youkai on the surface.

One day, a sudden urge hit her as she saw surface youkai using their power to invoke disaster and enjoy the following events.

"Gee, I'm tired of this boring celestial life! I can invoke a disaster too!!"

Then she darted out of her home, with the Sword of Hisou, a celestial tool, in her hand...

Location: Heaven
Ability: Manipulation of the soil

Ability to invoke or suppress an earthquake. Although effective area is not wide, she can cause an earthquake in a remote area as long as it's inside Gensokyo. This ability also allows her to cause disasters such as subsidence or mudslide.

Also, only the Hinanai clan is allowed to put or remove Keystones in Gensokyo.

It is said that upon removal of the Keystones, all the ground in Gensokyo will shake.

Sword of Hisou's ability: Identify one's spiritual nature

The Sword of Hisou is a celestial-only item that allows the wielder to exploit the opponent's weakness, no matter what. First, the sword converts the opponent's spiritual nature to scarlet mist, then to the form that everyone can see. As the opponent's nature has surfaced, the sword can change itself to the most effective attributes.

Spiritual nature surfaced by the sword takes the form of weather. Spirits slashed by the sword become scarlet mist, then the mist changes the weather.

Tenshi thinks that with her Keystone and Sword of Hisou, she can control all heaven, surface, and humans.

Personality: Had a sheltered upbringing. Selfish. Top of the world.

She is very earthy for a celestial, and lacks charisma. That's not surprising, however, because she became a celestial only because the entire Hinanai family became celestials when Nai became a divine spirit. Therefore, she lacks awareness of being a celestial.

An overly well-endowed environment obviously had a negative effect on Tenshi's childhood. She doesn't consider what her actions mean to other people, for one.

She has absolute confidence in her abilities, and gets mad if someone insults them.

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