森近 霖之助(もりちか りんのすけ)

Rinnosuke Morichika




Able to recognize the name and purpose of an item at a glance


Unknown, at least few decades.


Owner of Kourindou, an antique shop




  • Golden eyes, short silver hair, wears a pair of glasses. His clothes are black and blue, and he often carries a small bag with him.





 霖之助は魔法の森の近くに、香霖堂という古道具屋を営んでいます。人間と妖怪の客が集まるようにこの場所を選びましたが、客以外しか訪れないうえに、ガラクタしか置いていない為、彼の計画は常に悲惨に失敗しています。  霖之助は実際に何を知っているのか分かっていません。姿は人間ですが、公式では霊夢より数倍長く生きています。魔理沙が幼い頃から姿が、変わっていません。霖之助は、博麗神社の由来を知ってます。

Rinnosuke is known for his great interest in the outside world, and uses a collection of items from the outside world (which have accidentally slipped past the boundary) as his shop lineup. With his recognition ability, he can determine the name and purpose of each foreign item, but he still can't tell how they are used. Due to his lack of knowledge about the outside world and modern science, he often ends up drawing strange conclusions about those items.

Fun Facts編集

  • His surname "Morichika" means "near the forest", which is the location of Kourindou. His first name means "helps the long rain", and it possibly has something to do with Marisa Kirisame since her last name, "Kirisame", means drizzle.
  • Rinnosuke seems to be the only depicted humanoid male that has been introduced in the Touhou series so far.
  • Rinnosuke apparently doesn't have any fighting ability like Reimu or Marisa do, which makes him an ideal character to describe typical daily life in Gensokyo.
  • Rinnosuke worked as a shop assistant in the Kirisame house some time ago, so he and Marisa Kirisame have known each other since then.
  • Rinnosuke was the one who gave Marisa the Mini-Hakkero. He stated that it is his own invention and that it merged the magic in Gensokyo and the technology from the outside world (to which he refers as an outside form of magic that needs no spiritual power). He has also repaired and upgraded Mini-Hakkero at least once.
  • Only Marisa is known to call him by his nickname, "Kourin". Whether it implies her fondness, or just that they've known each other for a long time, is unknown.
  • Rinnosuke possesses a kerosene fan heater, which is one of his items from the outer world. The heater's fuel is supplied by Yukari Yakumo.
  • Rinnosuke and Yukari Yakumo are often credited as the two people who have some idea regarding the outside world, with some basic understanding of technology. Other characters may also know about the outside world, but there is no direct description by ZUN so far, with the recent exceptions of Sanae Kochiya, Kanako Yasaka, and Suwako Moriya, who are all from the outside world.
  • As the only depicted humanoid male in a land surrounded by girls, fanworks usually depict Rinnosuke humorously as a lecher or pervert who runs around in a fundoshi (a rather immodest traditional Japanese loincloth) and harasses the girls, receiving painful retribution from them for his antics in the end.
  • Alternatively, he is just as often, if not more so seen in fan depictions as extraordinarily masculine and muscular, sometimes, though rarely, possessing power equal to or greater than that of the rest of the cast. This form of his is known as MANnosuke in the western fanbase.
  • Yet another common scenario in fan depictions is for various members of the cast to sexually harass Rinnosuke, only to have him react with indifference and/or fear.
  • Rinnosuke may be the only literary character to be mentioned in a game dialogue (not by name) when Nazrin mentions obtaining the Jeweled Pagoda from "a second-hand goods shop".


Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red編集

Main article: Article and Interview: Rinnosuke

One day, a hookah (called a nargile in the article) appears for sale in Kourindou. Aya comes to write an article about it, as well as offer her opinion. Unfortunately, the owner, Rinnosuke Morichika, has no idea of how to use the device, despite knowing its function. He proposes that it be used as a decoration.

Some time after the article is written, Aya comes back to see if the hookah had sold. Rinnosuke informs her that he decided to keep it for himself after being taught (by Yukari Yakumo) how to use it. Aya wonders out loud if he really intends to run a business. She considers the odd hookah to be nonsensical. Rinnosuke counters by stating that all luxury goods are nonsensical, and that people who buy them are interesting. Aya agrees with him.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense編集

PMiSS rinnosuke
Main article: Perfect Memento: Rinnosuke Morichika
  • Rinnosuke lives at Kourindou, his shop.
  • He is half-human, half-youkai.
  • He once worked for Marisa's father, but started his own shop to make the best use of his ability to know an item's nature.
  • His shop's trade is somewhat hindered by his complete lack of business sense.
  • Although his ability lets him know what an item is and what it does, he cannot tell how it is used.
  • Kourindou deals mostly in items from the outside world, although it is unorganized and Rinnosuke keeps the most interesting items for personal use.
  • He possesses a heater, which he refuses to sell, in addition to outer world goods such as computers, cell phones, digital cameras, TVs, water filters, and gaming devices.
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