Immaterial and Missing Power

Immaterial and Missing Power
開発者 黄昏フロンティア
発行者 黄昏フロンティア
発売 性能テスト版:2004年4月18日

テスト版: 2004年8月15日


ジャンル 格闘ゲーム
ゲームプレイ シングルプレイストーリーモード, 人間 vs. 人間, 人間 vs. コンピューター
OS Windows 2000/XP
動作環境 800MHzのCPU, 1.1GBのハードディスク, Direct3D, DirectX 8, 32MBのVRAM, DirectSound, 256MBのRAMメモリ

東方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power (とうほうすいむそう インマテリアルアンドミッシングパワー 略称:萃夢想)は東方Projectの第7.5弾として公開された弾幕格闘ゲームです。

ZUN単独で製作された他の東方作品とは異なり、この作品は黄昏フロンティアEternal Fighter Zeroひぐらしデイブレイク等を製作)との共同制作となっています。


Main article: Immaterial and Missing Power: Gameplay (includes a more detailed description of the game)

IaMP differs from the other games in the Touhou Project series in that instead of being a Shoot-em-up, it is a fighting game with a heavy slant toward projectiles.


Main article: Immaterial and Missing Power: Translation (includes the translated script)

This game is fantastic fighting game.

Girls do their best now and are preparing Please watch warmly until it is ready.

Greatest mesmeric mist of all time. This magic mist is missing power!

While making preparations for the feast three days away, Reimu is distracted by a strange powerful mist that is covering Gensokyo. She and many other inhabitants of Gensokyo (such as Alice and Patchouli) go to investigate.

Suika Ibuki is an oni. Although legends say all the oni are gone, Suika has decided to reunite the humans and oni by attracting them through partying. Using her special ability to spread across the land, she causes the humans and youkai to have feasts and parties. The more drunk she gets, the stronger she becomes, and she carries a gourd treasured by the oni, which never empties of sake.



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