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Library Assistant


Library of Scarlet Devil Mansion


  • (Touhou 6) Wears a black dress with white sleeves. She has a small pair of black, bat-like wings on the sides of her head and long red hair.





Very little is known about Koakuma, and unless she makes another appearance she may remain a mystery. What is known is that she's seen around the library of Scarlet Devil Mansion during the events of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Apparently she lives in the mansion. Her exact role is difficult to tell, but she is believed to be an assistant in Patchouli's library there.

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Bougetsushou cameo.

  • This character had initially no official name. Fans have named her "Koakuma", meaning "Little Devil" or "Imp". ZUN later confirmed this name in an interview, though.
  • In many fan-fictions, she is regarded as a familiar of Patchouli. In those fictions, she works as a librarian and a personal servant of Patchouli. Some of those fictions also portray Koakuma as originating from Makai.
  • In many fictions, she is described to be very obedient, steady and good-natured, on the contrary to ZUN's official profile. This personality is acknowledged before ZUN replied to the question, and it is one of exceptional example of a fan-made profile which is accepted by a large majority (but not all fans).
    • After ZUN's reply, some people described more impish and mischievous Little Devil in their fan-fictions. Today, various Little Devils exist in fan-fictions: Obedient and steady, impish and mischievous, or hybrid of them.
  • In some erotic fictions, she is also regarded as a kind of succubus.
  • Koakuma is sometimes drawn by fans having a pair of black, bat-like wings on her back to match the ones on the sides of her head.
  • In a cameo appearance in Inaba of the Moon & Inaba of the Earth chapter 23, she is depicted with two pairs of black wings, one on her head and one on her back. In this cameo she is also seen cooking and flipping Okonomiyaki at a beach stand that's also selling ramen and Yakisoba... in the middle of what appears to be rows of books in a library. Tying into Silent Sinner in Blue, the location of this stand was the swimming pool at Patchouli's library (Remilia's "Indoor Sea").

Official Profiles編集

  • In response to questions from fans, ZUN revealed some hints of her profile:
    • Devils are a mighty race from Gensokyo, like magicians or vampires. But Koakuma is far weaker. (NOTE: According to this, "Little Devil" seems to be a generic term for some weak devils, although it is usually regarded as a personal name of the midboss of EoSD stage 4.)
    • Like fairies, she is carefree and mischievous, often behaves thoughtlessly.
    • She settles in Scarlet Devil Mansion (probably, in the library).
    • She is one of normal-enemy class (not boss-class) characters. There are many such characters, and they are not given any special role in the story.