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Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

Alternate spellings:

Sikieiki Yamaxanadu




Can distinctly judge anything to be Good or Evil


Immortal (Age is presently Unknown)


Judge of the Dead


Hell, sometimes Higan


  • Blue eyes, green hair that is longer on the left side, wears a dark blue, black and white dress with gold decorations with one ribbon on both sleeves and a blue and white hat with a gold emblem in front and a red and white bow on the back that are balanced equally. Carries a rod that carries out Judgements of Death. There seems to be a pattern on her uniform that seems balanced. Also wears Black shoes w/ a red bow on them, and frilly socks.
  • (Touhou 9, alternative outfit) Same as above, but her hat and dress are red, and her white shirt is purple.





Shikieiki is one of the Yama who judge the dead to decide whether they go to Heaven, Hell, Hakugyokurou, or get reincarnated. Whether it's because she simply has a habit of lecturing or because she genuinely wants others to change for the better, she's become well known in Gensokyo for lecturing anyone and everyone about their faults. The souls of the dead are brought to her by Komachi over a river called the Sanzu no Kawa. However, not every soul makes it all the way to Shikieiki without being tired out from the journey or being extinguished by Komachi. She currently resides in Hell to judge the dead who've traversed Higan and the Sanzu no Kawa.

Fun Facts編集

  • The fairies in Shikieiki's stage are dressed in dark blue uniforms and wear hats similar to hers, and Lily White's normally white dress and hat are colored black.
  • Her "Yamaxanadu" title is considered to be a combination of Xanadu (an ancient palace of the Mongol warlord Kublai Khan, which was later used as meaning a "Pleasure Palace" in a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge) and her status as Yama, and can mean something along the lines of "Yama of Paradise".
    • In fan art, her name is also shortened to Yamada (山田), a pun on "Yama da!" (It's the Yama!) Yamada is a very common Japanese family name, the Japanese equivalent of being called, for example, "Smith" in American English or "Garcia" in Spanish.
  • Based on this, "Eiki Shiki" (using English name order) would be her Romanized name. "Eiki" means "reflection princess" and "Shiki" means "four seasons".
    • Though "Yamaxanadu" is her title, though it is sometimes mistaken for her last name. This can result in jokes making fun of the excessive length of her name.
  • In fan art, she is seen as aggressive against other people with "larger breasts", to the point of even arbitrarily sending them to Hell.
    • Some fan artists portray Shikieiki as being envious of Komachi's bust size in particular, though sending Komachi to Hell usually isn't an option.
      • In addition, it's quite common for fan artists to draw her with magnificent legs, and she is highly popular with devotees of zettai ryouiki or "absolute territory", a fashion involving short skirts and thigh-high stockings that leave only a highly specific and measurable section of a girl's bare thighs visible between the tops of the stockings and the skirt. Canonically, her fashion is to wear very short, frilly socks, leaving her legs mostly bare skin.
  • In Shikieiki's Spell Cards, the background is "The Last Judgment" by Michelangelo.
  • Because of her job and Komachi's attitude, she is usually seen striking Komachi with the "Rod of Remorse" for being a slacker. However, amusingly enough, fans have also speculated that this could be just a tsundere attitude toward her Shinigami.
  • As explained in PMiSS, she carries her rod with her everywhere. She even appears to carry it in her character portrait.
  • The "Shikieiki" spelling has recently garnered more fame than the actual in-game (PoFV) spelling of "Sikieiki".
  • She is sometimes depicted as a midget or even a baby compared to Komachi, but she's actually almost as tall.
    • She is also very often depicted as a elementary child in many of the fanworks, which could be due to her drawings in Perfect Memento and The Grimoire of Marisa .
    • A possible reason behind "Loli Yama" is to artificially create extra contrast with Komachi and play up the breast envy angle.
  • Based on her conversations with the many playable characters in PoFV, she is seen as a compassionate individual, though her conversations with Komachi can seem quite harsh. Despite all this scolding, however, Komachi remains a slacker.
  • She tells Yuka Kazami to "scare humans" like a regular youkai and tells Reimu Hakurei to "exterminate youkai more." Both of these cases can be simplified to "do your job" and it showed she does not discriminate youkai and human.
  • While Shikieiki's combat capacity is never directly referenced, at the conclusion of ZUN's "A Flower Blooming Fragrant Violet Every Sixty Years", Yukari Yakumo believes that herself, Yuyuko Saigyouji and Reimu Hakurei to be together "no match for" the Yama.
  • A lot of fanworks portray Shikieiki as a bit of a short-tempered grouch who will sentence people to hell for any arbitrary reason, but this conflicts with her personality in PoFV where she's stern, but patient and is constantly smiling even when having to reveal someone's shortcomings.
  • According to Komachi in Oriental Sacred Place, she was originally a jizou statue, who received enough faith to gain divine powers, and was promoted.

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Highest Judge of Paradise
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

Species: Yama
Ability: Can distinctly judge anything to be Good or Evil

One of the gods that resides in hell and judges the deceased. Her ability allows her to get things settled once and for all. Her actual name is Shiki Eiki, and Yamaxanadu part is a kind of title for position in Yamas. Basically the title represents the place they're in charge of.

Unlike humans, she has a criteria of right and wrong in her own mind. Her judgement cannot be overturned by the deceased. Her criteria is quite complicated, and the seriousness of the crimes factor in everything from why they occurred to the personal history of those involved.

The minimum requirement of lying to her, in order to appear as a good person, is not letting her discover that lie. If discovered it is a huge deduction.

Her usual routine is to find faults of the deceased and decide where they will be sent to: Hell, Heaven, or somewhere else. Due to her job, she tends to be somewhat moralistic.

It was when Komachi did not ferry the deceased to her that she noticed something was wrong in Gensokyo. Suspicious, she looked at Gensokyo only to find out that it was blanketed by flowers.

All kind of flowers were blooming at the same time - spider lilies, sunflowers, lilies of the valley, lotus blossoms, and cherry blossoms. As she was digesting this, both living humans and youkai attacked her, seething with anger.

These assaults immediately made her realize what was going on.
Now it is "that year", 60 years since the previous one.

All these flowers were possessed by spirits of the deceased, and the reason they weren't processed properly was because Komachi was being lazy.
Komachi, being too easygoing, only thought "ah, it's beautiful" even when the flowers were filling the whole place.

It's not like she can restore the flower-covered Gensokyo, but time will eventually bring it back to normal. There was little to no harm.

However, a human who's been charged with a crime is before her. With her pride, she couldn't let her pass through her place.

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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense編集

PMiSS sikieiki
Main article: Perfect Memento: Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
  • There are many Yamas, and Shikieiki is the one in charge of Gensokyo.
  • Shikieiki is well known for her lectures.
  • She lectures people in the hope that they will change for the better and so she won't have to send them to Hell.
  • For people with particularly bad karma, she will go directly to that person to warn them. Sometimes, she "urges" them by exaggerating the punishment that they would receive.
  • Youkai tend to avoid her, probably because of this.
  • Even Shikieiki has work breaks, but even during these she doesn't pass up chances to lecture people.
  • Yamas, including Shikieiki, have a special mirror that lets them look into a person's past.
  • She can find out anything she wants to know about someone with this and then make fair judgements.
  • It's tiring to use, though.
  • Yamaxanadu is actually her job title, meaning "Yama of Paradise".
  • Shikieiki was not always the Yamaxanadu. Rather, she earned this position through her merits.

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Main article: The Grimoire of Marisa: Shikieiki Yamaxanadu's Spell Cards
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