Power of Lightning por 5150
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JaponésPower of Lightning
Productor(es)龍5150 (arreglos, letra, vocales)


蓮台野夜行 ~ Ghostly Field Club

Power of Lightning es una pista que debuta en el álbum シンフォニック東方Ⅲ de 5150. La pista es arreglada, escrita y vocalizada por 龍5150.

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The world in the future when green
was lost. Does human about
what think by you and why live? There
might be happiness
in any place. However, I
wish that this world to which
it ruins and it goes is stopped.
It is Strong.

The Justice and beauty have
only the same number as the life.
I wish that the beautiful world
like old times is regained


For the
world that goes to ruin. The future
is made from its brain that I trained.
i believe human race's future that
can shine. Therefore, let's dedicate all
these power. For all living things that
live in this star. Final Form of mechanical
engineering and energy theory. Peace is
built by the power of invincibility.

In the eart like the desert, there
is only one kind of green.
I analyzed, researched the power,
and made it to an own thing.
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