Musik aus Undefined Fantastic Object

1. A Shadow in the Blue Sky

      (Main Menu Theme)

2. At the End of Spring

      (Stage 1 Theme)

3. A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander

      (Nazrin's Theme)

4. The Sealed Cloud Route

      (Stage 2 Theme)

5. Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever

      (Kogasa Tatara's Theme)

6. Sky Ruin

      (Stage 3 Theme)

7. The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl

      (Ichirin Kumoi & Unzan's Theme)

8. Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship

      (Stage 4 Theme)

9. Captain Murasa

      (Murasa Minamitsu's Theme)

10. Rural Makai City Esoteria

        (Stage 5 Theme)

11. The Tiger-Patterned Bishamonten

        (Shou Toramaru's Theme)

12. Fires of Hokkai

        (Final Stage Theme)

13. Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind

        (Byakuren Hijiri's Theme)

14. UFO Romance in the Night Sky

        (Extra Stage Theme)

15. Heian Alien

        (Nue Houjuu's Theme)

16. Youkai Temple

        (Ending Theme)

17. Returning Home from the Sky ~ Sky Dream

        (Staff Roll Theme)