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Reimu Hakurei: Bearbeiten

Reimu Typ A:

Go for the treasure ship; let's get rich quick!

Schuss : Persuasion Needle

Spell Card : Wild Exorcism Dance

Speaking of a treasure ship, there's gotta be the seven gods of luck. And speaking of gods, then it's my turn

Hold your mightiest needle straight ahead, and challenge the skies with straightforward feeling

Reimu Typ B:

This is some youkai's doing again!

Schuss : Homing Amulet

Spell Card : Fantasy Seal

I don't know if it's a treasure ship or what, but it's definitely the work of some youkai.

As always, follow your intuition and take down any youkai before you!

Marisa Kirisame Bearbeiten

Marisa Typ A

If it's a treasure ship, there's gotta be treasure.

Schuss: Illusion Laser

Spell Card : Master Spark

It's a treasure ship, so obviously it's loaded with treasure. You can't lie to me!

Challenge the skies with the light of this peerless ultimate magic!

Marisa Typ B

I'm very interested in this, whatever it is.

Schuss: Super Short-Wave

Spell Card : Ultimate Short-Wave

I saw it. There's no doubt that something is floating in the sky. Time to head to the sky!

Overlook nothing, no matter how trivial, even behind you, with your mighty omni-directional magic!

Sanae Kochiya Bearbeiten

Sanae Typ A

Just as Lady Kanako says

Schuss: Sky Serpent

Spell Card: Orochi of Ancient Times

Lady Kanako is telling me to master youkai hunting like they do

Brace for danger with the divine power of a serpent that devours evil!

Sanae Typ B

Just as Lady Suwako says

Schuss: Cobalt Spread

Spell Card: Wily Toad

Lady Suwako seems to be sure that I'll find something good in the treasure ship

Tackle UFOs with the divine power of a frog that will defeat enemies even after it dies!

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Little Dowser General : Bearbeiten



Kogasa Tatara

The Cheery Forgotten Umbrella: Bearbeiten

Kogasa Tatara


Ichirin Kumoi und Unzan

The Great Wheel that Guards and is guarded: Bearbeiten

Ichirin Kumoi und Unzan


Captain Minimatsu Murasa

The Ghost Left from the Drowning Accident Bearbeiten

Captain Minimatsu Murasa


Shou Toramaru

Disciple of Bishamonten Bearbeiten

Shou Toramaru


Byakuren Hijiri

The Great Sealed Magicain: Bearbeiten

Byakuren Hijiri


Nue Houjuu

The Unidentified Fantastic Flying Girl: Bearbeiten

Nue Houjuu