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Igor smith is a kind hearted and warm person (36.5–37.5°C), who enjoys the company of his friends and family. he holds his friends and family dear to him and will do anything to protect them. he has alcohol issues and looses his temper sometimes (mostly when theres an SUV blocking the road, or a biker in his line of sight). igor is a hard worker and will do anything to deliver his payload, he has gotten in multiple battles (mostly with bikers) due to this.

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Igor is an expert trucker, who has been trucking for multiple years.

-Truck jutsu igors truck jutsu skill is formidable and he can take on most enemies he faces, his 16 wheeler is his truck of choice but he can use most other trucks above 8 wheels, his 16 wheeler is not a weapon of precision, but of brute force and raw damage, it gets the job done regardless. he isnt on the level of brian kent or morgan gavin, but not to be underestimated

-Beer bottle throwing igor is an expert marksman and never misses when throwing a beer bottle. it is said he once hit a turk biker that was in an airplane from the ground with a bottle, now thats poggernesschamp.

Background:[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

the backround in the image is a red wall

igor went to VGHS at the age of 12, and excelled in every class, gaining straight A's and A+ across the board. the Same goes for his College time, where he attended trinity college in bristol. due to his grades his parents put him into harvard university, where he did classes on nanotechnology, bioengineering, microcomputing, advanced architecture, and computerscience. he got B's and A's in all except advanced architecture, where he bullied his teachers assistant for being short and having a receeding hairline, he still got a C regardless. all of this came to a halt though when he got his drivers license and started drinking, his parents bought him a 1990 Ford F 150 Pickup Truck. his brother, charles got him into trucking and he immediatly fell in love with it, he even picked up trucking at his local depo as a side job! him and charles went on trips all the time and charles introduced him to Klaus and thog. they had some great times together camping and trucking across the country. the young truckers even went to brenton tardants gas station in passau once! they met some cool blokes from the cargo ship community as well. but his constant absence from uni due to trucking and his alcohol addiction made his grades suffer, at the end of the semester he had E's and even F's in most fields, his parents were worried he would fail the year but he did not caare. the sudden death of his mother did not help with this, he didnt know how to handle it. his father stopped talking, charles was constantly absent being in the bar drinking himself numb, and he had no contact to the rest of his family igor stopped talking to klaus and thog and he went on lonely rides trough alabama and arkanses during the night. there were multiple times were he though driving off the nearest cliff. this all change when he met woman called bertha chungus at the depo, it was love at first sight, the two started dating 1 month after they met and went on romantic trucking trips trough detroit. igor later proposed to her and they married in byltheville on the park next to the blue bin. igor fell back into depression when bertha died in a shootout with the bikers though. bertha was the only thing in his life he truly cared for, he got suicidal again, but he knew that would be irresponsible because he now had 2 children to care for, brandon and olga. he raised them on his own and now they are poggers. igor swears death upon all bikers and gets filled with pure rage everytime he sees one. igor still dreams about bertha sometimes

brian kent stories:[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

thog, igor, and klaus are currently trying to get a hold of the schwerer gustav wich is stored at the us military museum. once we get it, we will elimnated erdogan! turkey has opressed the truckers for so long and it is out duty to liberate out brothers in arms! -guy

The deal with those devilish three is that Thog is the most capable man on the planet, thog do what thog do, once he even turned the whole continent of africa upside down because he lost a burger king coupon. Igor is the brains, he once calculated the surface of the sun before telescopes but since being alcoholic he kinda forgot, and Klaus has money for food and is also their ride -guy

oh i think ive seen you on brentons gas station before insulin, were you that short guy with the girlish dress? me and another trucking friend, klaus dieter peters, a friend from germany, made jokes about crossdressing for the rest of the day after that, and then i looked into it and found this thing called anime, i didnt know about it before because i dont really browse the internet apart from trucking news, but i found a series under the anime category called konosubmarine or something -igor smiths perspective

Yeah Igor Smith should have an immunity to the coruba files since he came into contact with radioactive substances unknown to man in the caves of Africa, he went there to deliver some buckets full of live chicken to some hungry cave dwellers and accidentally went left in the cave instead of right, what a blessing and a curse -guy

I heard that when Igor Smith used to truck back in the late 90s he delivered 50 Fridges full of Minced Meat to Russia all the way from Florida, apparently the cargo ship he would be transported on had crashed and so he had to modify his truck into the first ever Semi-WaterTruck 3000 and crossed the entire ocean -guy

igor currently is doing hauls in china because noone else wants to since of the curola virus and hes getting tons of money, although i hope he wont get infected -guy

Trivia:[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

-the igor smith character was created during a match of csgo were it was said he playtested csgo and didnt remember they added weapons and terrorists to the game back when he played it

-the original image used for igor smith is some fat guy from chub.com wich was oringinally used as a image for hatsune mike, a typo of hatsune miku

-1990 Ford F 150 Pickup Truck.

1990 Ford F 150 Pickup Truck.

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