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Many people have made games inspired by the Touhou world.


[hide]*1 Seihou

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  • 秋霜玉 (Shuusou Gyoku) - A danmaku game inspired by Touhou, with a focus on fewer, faster bullets as opposed to slower, more numerous bullets. Features music and some art by ZUN.
  • 稀翁玉 (Kioh Gyoku) - A PoFV style game, with massive emphasis on grazing streaming bullets. Also features music by ZUN.
  • 幡紫竜 (Banshiryuu) - Another danmaku style game, with focus again on fewer, faster bullets.
  • 五月雨 ~samidare~ - A danmaku game with shields. Perhaps Amusement Makers' most well-known work. Seihou only in spirit.

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  • M.U.G.E.N - A customizable 2D fighting game engine, for which quite some Touhou content has been released. By Elecbyte.

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